Early 70s MSA 14-String

over 2 years ago
Early 70s MSA 14-String
Tom Anderson
Edwin Allen
Available on
Steel Guitar Forum
Windermere, Florida, USA

Im posting this to the forum classifieds to see if anyone is interested in this unique old MSA guitar.
Im asking $800 plus shipping.
I bought the guitar five years ago in a state of disassembly and after receipt found essential parts were missing.
The lack of documentation and my lack of familiarity with PSGs in general made this the quintessential project guitar.
After photo documentation, research and cleaning I spent a couple of days in a friends machine shop manufacturing replacement parts.
I then set it up for a variation of an E9 copedent with 3 pedals.
The other four pedals and the four knee levers are not connected and I could never fully understand how all the knee levers were originally configured.
The current setup is shown in the chart shaded in green.
Here is a list of existing conditions and issues, some of which will definitely need to be addressed.
I did not trim the pedal rods to allow pedal leveling.
The threads on one of the pedal rod ball connectors in the undercarriage was stripped and is attached with JB-Weld (and works fine).
The clamps used to attach the pull rods to the cross-bars were inadequate and I fabricated new clamps that work better but could still be improved.
The changer, pedal bar, pedals, and legs are all in very good condition.
All parts not currently installed are included.
The neck originally had painted rectangular metal badges for position markers, no MSA chess pieces.
I didnt keep them; they were replaced with colored self-adhesive paper dots.
The body has some mystery holes that appear to be factory original but its otherwise in very good condition.
I hope I am not misusing the term very good condition but for a roughly 45 year old instrument I believe this is accurate.
Also included are some uninstalled linkages, brackets and a cross bar for the knee levers (photo included) as well as some residual hardware from the repair effort (rods, collars, springs, etc.).
For additional background here is a link to the most informative forum thread on this particular instrument thanks to the support and generosity of the late Reece Anderson along with David Wright and other members.
I have never found a serial number.
The guitar with the case (including additional parts) weighs 63 lbs.
The instruments case is sturdy and the exterior is in good shape.
The interior is in fair condition; it's functional but could use a renovation.
The pickup sounds great and for the mechanically proficient with an interest in a 14-string guitar I still believe it has a lot of potential.
From my experience this is not a guitar for anyone with a weak will or a weak back.
Im happy to answer any questions and provide additional photos if desired.