For Sale/Trade PRS Santana SE with Tom Anderson pickups

over 2 years ago
For Sale/Trade PRS Santana SE with Tom Anderson pickups
Tom Anderson
Available on

This is one of the earlier import PRS guitars. However, this one has $270 in Tom Anderson H1/H3 pickups added in. I wired them each to push/pulls for Single/Humbucker modes, which makes this thing very versatile.
The knobs are Sadowsky-esque, as they are made by the same company... aluminum with the white slash, but these are bigger though.
This guitar has been overhauled and primped properly, getting a fret crown and polish, the pickups, setup, etc. It plays great! But I'm not doing much guitar work these days. So, it's up for grabs.It's trans-black, by the way. Pics make it look straight black, but you can see grain.
You could throw cheap pickups into this and get $140 out of the Tom Anderson pickups alone if you felt so inclined! (And if no one is interested in this in the next week, I just may do that!)
$300 obo shipped to the US
No case or bag, sorry.
Paypal or MO.
Trades for bass stuff welcomed and encouraged.

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