For Trade PRS, Music Man, Anderson, Fender, etc.

over 3 years ago
For Trade PRS, Music Man, Anderson, Fender, etc.
Tom Anderson
Adam Of Angels
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All of these are available for trade or sale - I'm open to trading many of them for one thing, taking several things for one of them, one to one trades, trades plus or minus cash, etc..
**As strange as it sounds, I'm actually looking for a decent Car, so I'd be willing to work out a multi-guitar trade, or guitar + cash sort of deal if you've got one you wouldn't mind parting with. It doesn't really matter where you're at, but I'd prefer you're closer to the East Coast if we're dealing with a car. Guitarwise, I prefer PRS, Ibanez, Jackson Charvel, Amfisound, Mayones, Anderson, and Suhr, but I'm the kind of player that can get along with literally all types of guitars, so please don't be shy, because I'm open minded. I'm also very interested in Basses, nice Acoustics, and stuff like Kemper, Axe Fx, etc.. There's a chance I'll go for high end computers, especially if you have a valuable gaming computer, or a Macbook Pro.
I'm located in Mt. Pleasant, PA
I have literally hundreds of references from several forums, including this one.
Please feel free to PM or e-mail me with any ideas or offers:
Ibanez RG-7621 - Black - 7/10 condition
Fairly clean example of a 7621, by comparison. No major chips or dings, just a handful of minor stuff. These are the ultimate workhorse 7 strings, in my opinion.
7621 by Leeroy Finklesteen
PRS USA S2 Custom 22 Semi-Hollow - Sunburst - 9.7/10 condition
Every bit as good as a USA core model - as far as I can tell, the design is just slightly different. Just a bit of scuffing and light oxidation on the hardware, but I believe all of it can be thoroughly cleaned and buffed.
Fender USA Deluxe 60th Anniversary Strat - White - 9.9/10 condition
Perfect strat, plain and simple. Original hardshell case and all case candy/goodies that came with it included. No flaws outside of maybe the very faintest of handling marks.
Strat by Leeroy Finklesteen
ESP E-II Horizon NT/FM - Trans-brown - 9.7/10 condition
Not sure why ESP changed their Standard Series from "ESP" to "E-II", but they didn't change anything else. This is an absolutely wonderful guitar in every way, that isn't in any way limited to shred/metal. All around super clean, with just one little mark on the back edge.
Horizon by Leeroy Finklesteen
PRS DGT - Goldtop - 9/10 condition
If I'm not mistaken, these Goldtops are actually finished with Nitro. There's a handful of very minor flaws, but its overall very clean. Amazing sounding and playing guitar.
DGT by Leeroy Finklesteen
PRS Johnny Hiland 10-top - Trans-black - 9.5/10 condition
I rarely see these available on the used market. One of the coolest 24 fretters from PRS. Mostly clean, save for one little nick on the back edge, and some light surface wear here and there.
HIland by Leeroy Finklesteen
Music Man JP7 BFR - Ruby Red - 9.9/10 condition
Very new (inside the last year or two) and consequently super squeaky clean.
Tom Anderson Drop Top Classic - Trans-red - 9.7/10
This is a 1994 Drop Top Classic, and its exceptionally clean for a 22 year old guitar, with only a handful of super tiny imperfections here and there. Anderson is one of my top 5 builders, and this is one of the best ones I've played so far.
PRS Tremonti 10-top - Orange Tiger - 9.7/10 condition
Famously good guitar, with an utterly amazing tone both acoustically and amplified. No flaws, outside of some very slight clear coat clouding around some of the fret ends. Its extremely subtle, and your eyes may not even catch it.
Music Man Majesty Artisan - Azzurro Blue - 9.9/10 condition
This is actually a dark transparent blue color, but my awful pictures make it look black. Absolutely amazing guitar. Super light weight, low action, total upper fret access, and it literally covers just about any tonal territory you would need covered.
PRS SC-250 Artist 20th Anniversary - Amber Sunburst - 9.8/10 condition
The pictures do this guitar a criminal injustice - the color and quilt top are at least 10x more brilliant than what you're seeing here. This one does indeed have a Brazilian Rosewood fretboard.
PRS Custom 24 10-top 30th Anniversary - Violet - 9.9/10 condition
Among the best guitars I've owned, and of course, one of the best PRSi I've owned. The color on this one is probably the coolest of any guitar I've had, or at least a strong contender - my awful pictures kill this one too. 30th?sort=2&page=1