For Trade Thorn and Mayones

over 3 years ago
For Trade Thorn and Mayones
Tom Anderson
Adam Of Angels
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I haven't posted a big trade ad in a while, and I'm itching to get my hands on some new stuff. All of this is available for trade: one for one trades, two/three/four/etc for one trades in either directions, trades plus cash in either direction, or straight up cash.
I'm open to literally everything in terms of guitars and basses, including acoustics. I'm open to pickups, pedals, misc gear as well. Amps are ok in some instances, though I would be more open to the high end digital stuff (Axe Fx, Kemper, etc.). Computers and such are fine as well, as long as it's high end and relevant.
My favorite brands, as far as guitars go, are Ibanez, PRS, Anderson, Suhr, Jackson/Charvel, Mayones, Parker, ESP, and Amfisound... Again, though, I am literally open to any ideas you may have. Feel free to run an idea by me either by PM'ing me here or emailing me directly:
Thorn SoCal RS-034 - Gold Sparkle - 9.6/10 condition
Korina Body
Maple Neck
Dark Rosewood Fretboard
6105 Fretwire
10-14" Compound Radius
.850 - .930 Neck Carve
'66 SSS Pickup Configuration
Anybody that's played a Thorn will tell you how amazing these guitars are. This is a particularly flashy example. Bold tone that does everything from mellow jazz to SRV on steroids (although if you told me SRV was on steroids, I would believe you). The finish is impossible to photograph, so if it looks good in the pictures, you'll faint when you see it in person.
Conditionwise, there's just a couple of really minor paint dings (no bigger about a pen-tip) at the end of the headstock, and maybe the faintest of polishing swirls or otherwise elsewhere.
Hardshell Case
$2500 - looking for trades, cash, or both
Thorn by Leeroy Finklesteen
Mayones Regius Pro 7 - Transparent Blue - 9.6/10 condition
This is as nice as any 7 string (or guitar) you're going to find. I've owned hundreds of guitars, but no guitar can have the action set as low as Mayones. Consequently, this thing is so easy to play that its sort of laughable.
In any case, spec-wise, it has Mahogany body wings, an 11-ply neck (primarily maple), ebony fretboard, flamed maple top, floyd rose tremolo, and BKP pickups (I don't know exactly which models, but I think they're Rebel Yells or something hot). Its hard to tell from the lighting in the pictures, but it has a beautiful dark blue finish, glossy on top, and satin on the back. The attention to detail and quality control is 2nd to none.
There may be the faintest of imperfections.. the only one I can find is a small pin-head sized cleacoat ding on between the pickups, under the strings.
Hardshell case, tremolo arm
$3200 - looking for trades, cash, or both
Regius by Leeroy Finklesteen
Description: Mayones Regius 25th Anniversary - 9/10 condition
I said I would never do this, but here it is. This is literally the best all around guitar I've put my hands on. I've gotten rid of it a few times only to buy it back shortly after, because the neck and tone are just so amazing... but, I find myself playing it less and less. The main idea behind listing it is that I'll replace it with either a Regius Custom, or an Anderson Angel Custom down the road. Not sure, but I can say that whoever gets their hands on this is going to be incredibly pleased.
Its a 25th Anniversary model, of which only 6 - 10 were made, and I have never seen another one. Mayones has becoming consistently more popular (and expensive) over the last decade, which adds some novelty to this guitar.
Its not mint, but it has been super super babied, given how much it has been played. No dings or chips, but it has normal light surface swirling, and little fissures next to a few of the side-dots in the actual binding (these are very hard to locate or see at all, but they're there... have been there for years and years and are not a problem, just worth mentioning). Over all its very clean, absolutely gorgeous, and a bit of Mayones history.
Modifications: Earvana compensated nut, Dimarzio Titan set
Accessories: Hardshell case
Price: $3500 - looking for trades
25th by Leeroy Finklesteen
Location: Mt. Pleasant, PA
International OK?: Yes
Contact: PM or e-mail:
References: I have more references than anybody would ever need, and have built one of the very best reputations over the years. A lot from Reverb,, rig talk, the gear page, talk bass, harmony central, jemsite, etc.