Goodrich 122 Volume Pedal with Bracket - Mint in Box

about 1 year ago
Valley Arts
Mike Hiland
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Steel Guitar Forum
Ohio, USA

From dad's collection of goodies, a Goodrich 122 volume pedal with bracket.
If it is not "new" it is certainly "like new".
Comes in the original box with various leaflets of the day, original packing foam, with the pedal wrapped in plastic just like the day dad received it.
I believe he purchased it from Valley Arts Guitars in Studio City, but I have no idea on the original purchase date.
(Has to be around the early/mid 1980's.)
The knob has three white dots that look to me like "white-out" used to identify dad's favorite settings.
Other than that, I find no evidence of wear on this beauty - the rubber feet look like they never touched a floor!
Knowing dad, he probably had 2 or 3 and this one was never used outside the living room carpet.
I have included pictures of all sides, including the box.
Feel free to send questions and I will do my best.
Asking $225 including ground shipping to the continental US.
Can accept PayPal or checks.
Will ship once payment clears.