Vox Tone Lab ST - $125 + shipping.

over 4 years ago
Vox Tone Lab ST - $125 + shipping.
John Wilson
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Steel Guitar Forum
Ventura, California, USA

Tone Lab ST in very good condition.
Super high Amazon ratings; very versatile pedal for recording/performing. Has 12AX7 Ruby tube installed.
Killer tone! Tons of YouTube demos.
I used this for stage work with my BMI S-10 and it sounds great with PSG or lap steel.
Drivers are downloadable from Vox website for recording interface capability
From Vox:
The Valvetronix series is the perfect example of VOX's unique, cutting edge vacuum tube modeling know-how; delivering a broad range of powerful sounds. From large amp stacks to mini-combo amps and multi-effect units, the series boasts a diverse lineup, and can be seen on stage, in the studio, and in the home. The ToneLab ST maintains the sophisticated specifications of the Valvetronix series, while packaging them into a compact unit that allows anyone to easily experience true tube powered sound. In addition to both amplifier and cabinet models, there are also a wide variety of expertly modeled effects. In a compact, easy-to-use format, ToneLab ST delivers classic vintage sounds, studio-quality and high-gain amps, even new amp models created by VOX. Effect parameters can be quickly assigned to the expression pedal, ensuring a limitless range of performance power. Sophisticated extras include an auto chromatic tuner, sound management software for your PC, and convenient USB audio interface operations. The ToneLab ST is designed to deliver the ultimate in tonal dexterity to the musician in any situation, from stage to studio and everywhere in between.
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