For Sale/Trade Pete Hilton Reverse Scroll 5 String

over 4 years ago
For Sale/Trade Pete Hilton Reverse Scroll 5 String
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Up for sale/for trade is my 2013 Pete Hilton Reverse Scroll 5 string. Awesome bass in great condition. A sale would be nice to help fund some work on my old hot rod but I do love trying new basses so I'm open to trades +/- cash depending on what you have.
This 5 string reverse scroll model starts new at $5,500. That wouldnt include the Kent Armstrong preamp I had installed or the new hardshell case that will be included.
Sale price: Asking $5,000 OBO shipped
PayPal and CONUS only please.
Please send trade offers by PM. Only interested in 5 strings.
Trade Interests: Sadowsky, Fbass VF5, Warwick SS1, Warwick SS2, Fodera Emperor
Info, pics and videos below, please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks for looking!
If you arent familiar with Pete Hilton, hes an exceptionally talented luthier who was Carl Thompsons head builder for over a decade. Several years ago he started his own line of instruments, Hilton Guitars (basses, guitars and ukuleles). His craftsmanship and attention to detail is amazing.
The bass originally came setup passive only, in June I sent it back to Pete and had him install a Kent Armstrong 3-band preamp. He also went completely over the bass so its in excellent condition.
Here's a pic Pete posted while it was at his shop. It shows the new control layout with the 5 new ebony knobs he made for it.
Filmed in April 2013, Pete made a cool video of him making this bass along with its 6-string sister. These were the last 2 basses he made on the east coast before relocating to California.
This bass is also featured on Petes website (pic #29 under the 5 strings). You can read more about him and his work on his website. Hilton Guitars |
You can also view a gallery of other Pete Hilton basses that were sold at the Low End Bass Shop.
Some pics below and more pics online here.
Build Specs
String Reverse Scroll
Scale: 35"
Body: Mahogany core with redheart top & back, macassar ebony center with ebony and black walnut stripes
Neck: Curly maple with bloodwood fingerboard and ebony stripes
Headstock: Mahogany core with ebony top & redheart back
Nut: Ebony
Tuners & Bridge: Hipshot
Pickups: Kent Armstrong Claymore soapbars
Preamp: Kent Armstrong 3-band
Truss Rod Cover: Redheart
Input Jack Cover: Redheart & mahogany
Knobs: Ebony
Pickup covers: Redheart & ebony
Controls: Neck Vol/Bridge Vol/Treble/Mid/Bass
Switch: Active/Passsive
Base will ship in a brand new Gator ATA Molded Mil-Grade Case w/ TSA Latches.
Not the best audio but its the only video I have of me playing this bass live. My cover band doing PYT.