1994 Yamaha TRB6 w/Bartolini pups and Duncan STC-3P

about 8 years ago
FS: 1994 Yamaha TRB6 w/Bartolini pups and Duncan STC-3P
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Hey all. Up for sale is my Yamaha TRB6.
Really didn't want to sell this, but I need to for financial reasons
Bass has an ash body, translucent black finish (although has a
"grape" tint in certain light), and gold hardware.
I bought this bass used about 2 years ago it has been my main bass up until I got my F-bass a few months back.
The previous owner installed the bartolini pickups and I installed the Duncan preamp. As you can see, the bass is drilled for a 5 knob configuration plus toggle switch, unfortunately I never had the time to convert the preamp to fit. I had the frets leveled and some truss rod work done shortly after I bought it.
This bass is not without it's battle scars. I did my best to take care of this instrument, however the previous owners weren't as careful .
There are a quite a few dings in the finish, many of which I tried to get in the photos.
The back of the bass has many little dents and a few scratches, and the bottom edge has the markings that look as if the bass may have been dropped. Also, the gold on some of the hardware is
slightly marred.
As you can see in the picture, I added a second strap button to the instrument (much like F-bass does with some of their basses).
This second strap button is for a "waist strap" system; I have an additional strap that goes around my waist that secures the bass in one position so I can freely move around the instrument.
It also assists in keeping the bass from having any neck dive.
I found this system to be very comfortable, however, I can remove the button and fill the hole if the buyer wishes.
Aside from the cosmetic issues, this bass plays and sounds great!
I would like to get $900 shipped, conus, paypal please I will ship the bass in a gig bag and insure it.
Let me know if you have any questions!
pictures of the dings...