Gibson Console Grande for sale $1395

10 months ago
Mark Perrodin
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Steel Guitar Forum
Arizona, USA

I am selling my '50's Gibson Console Grande to fund the purchase of a pedal steel. I have owned it for better than 20 years and it is a wonderful sounding guitar. It has some bar drop dings and normal wear and tear. It doesn't have a case but does come with a yamaha keyboard gig bag. This is the four legged version. The flame maple is beautiful as I hope is conveyed by the photos. If you have any questions or would like pictures from a different angle please let me know.
Trade offers welcome. I am most interested in S10 MSA guitars or older Sho-Bud S10 guitars (6140,6139 etc). Old and moldy ok. Can offer up cash for the right guitar. Thank you for looking. Buyer pays actual shipping.