Vintage Yamaha 12 string acoustic guitar.. CHEAP

over 2 years ago
Vintage Yamaha 12 string acoustic guitar.. CHEAP
Bob Carlucci
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Steel Guitar Forum
Candor, New York, USA

FG 260
from late 70's up to around 1982.. Pretty clean condition up front, a few scratches on back, but not bad. Still shows clean and shiny. Plays well, sounds very sweet.. Action actually is
not bad at all, neck is good and straight, but these don't play like new taylor.. It really should be tuned down a full tone and extra light strings used,, Thats how its set up now...The top is NOT bellied, the bridge is NOT pulling, and thats how it should stay... I use a capo and keep it tuned down a full tone... Its a lot of guitar for what i am asking == $125 and I PAY shipping.. If you are local[yeah right], I'll let it go REALLY cheap.. $90 takes it away..
If you are on the west coast, I need another $10 shipping..
This is the "old style" FG 260 model with the slotted headstock and
gear tuners.. Pretty cool old guitar, but I never use it and it has to go.. No case
with this one..bob
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no gear list for me.. you don't have the time......

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