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Vintage Yamaha 12 string acoustic guitar..... FG 260 from late 70's up to around 1982.. Pretty clean condition up front, a few scratches on back, but not bad. Still shows clean and shiny. Plays well, sounds very sweet.. Action actually is not bad at all, neck is good and straight, but these don't play like new taylor.. It really should be ...
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Lacquer MSA S10 5&4.. sell/trade Its mechanically perfect, plays absolutely beautifully, sounds gorgeous... Green lacquer finish has some fade, not bad, but it needs to be pointed out.. Guitar looks good, but certainly has its share of character from use. Bar dings, scratches here and there.. About what should be expected fo...
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Really cool old project tube amp.. 25 watt... What we have is an old Bell and Howell 25 watt tube powered speaker from an old projector. Very stout and rugged construction!!.. It has a jensen built 16 ohm Alnico 12 inch speaker, the power amp has 2 RCA 6L6 blackplate tubes, a Ken Rad metal case 5Z4 rectifier tube , and an RCA 6SL-7GT, ...
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mid 1960's Teisco/Kawai [Cortez] guitar- ... It carries a nameplate of "Cortez" which means nothing. It was manufactured in Japan in the 60's by Teisco/Kawai.. This looks to be a "high end" model.. I can tell by the superior nickel fret wire as oppossed to crappy brass on most 60's MIJ guitars,, and really nice rosewood fingerboard and a...
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TEO Mando Guitar [Octave 12 string] Hardly used.. MAYBE 3 hours playtime on it.. I am rarely playing out anymore and am liquidating gear. This is made in Illinois by Terry Ousley, not in China like some imitators. Read the reviews on Harmony Central.. These are spectacular instruments.. They very seldom come up for sale on the us...
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early 60's Euro acoustic guitar... $125 This is an old espana steel string folk guitar.. It was actually made in Finland by a guitar company called Landola thats still in business, but i think all they sell now is Chinese made stuff... These Landola made Espana acoustics were imported by a NYC company to the USA in the 50's and 6...
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Vintage Yamaha SA 800 guitar {335 style} Mine is identical to this one.. Same exact guitar, same condition.. If there is any serious interest, I will take pics of my own guitar, and send them to inter...
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Gibson Electraharp in astounding condition... Owner is asking for $1000 Canadian, all of about $725 US dollars, for the cleanest Electraharp on the planet.. I mean the pics don't lie, this thing is in simply incredible shape and looks like it was never played.. I am NOT the seller, just helping out an elderly and very nice SGF member that ...
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2-vintage 1960's MIJ guitars.. $175.. For both.. One is a 1965 Kent/Goyatone Polaris II solidbody.. The other is a Norma/Tombo solidbody.. Both are in good playable condition..All electronics work, and both play pretty well for cheap guitars with tiny brass frets,, The Kent finish is in very nice cond.. The Norma, has a lot of chip...
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Dekley S10... CHEAP! Come and take it away, and save me the hassle of packing, and the 50 mile round trip to FEDEX and I'll let it go for $1050... Otherwise I'll ship it anywhere east of the river for $1150, shipping paid for by me.... Add extra $25 to the west coast, as FEDEX kills me to ship out west... It plays...
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Dekley S10... In VERY good shape... very clean, no dings, no dents,looks much better in person than it does in my crappy pics. Sounds absolutely gorgeous.. To my ears it sounds like a fine old Bud, except with better sustain.. Very sweet "old school" tone. This guitar sings.. VERY resonant... Plays sup...
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Carter S10 5&5 $1500 ** LOCAL PICKUP ONLY!!!!!** In immaculate condition.. No issues , its got very little play time on it. I am just not bonding with it.. I prefer older, clunkier wood lacquer steels, and thats what I will be intent on persuing.. the right one is out there somewhere... One very similar to this ...
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Subject Price Brand Price Found
Yamaha FG820-12 Solid-top Dreadnought 12-String Acoustic ... $249.99 - 4 hours ago
Vintage Yamaha 12 string acoustic guitar.. CHEAP $10.00 Yamaha about 2 years ago
Lacquer MSA S10 5&4.. sell/trade $1,500.00 Marlen over 2 years ago
Really cool old project tube amp.. 25 watts-$70 $70.00 Peavey over 2 years ago
mid 1960's Teisco/Kawai [Cortez] guitar- $160 $160.00 Cort almost 3 years ago
TEO Mando Guitar [Octave 12 string] $575.00 Harmony over 3 years ago
early 60's Euro acoustic guitar... $125 $125.00 Hagstrom over 3 years ago
Vintage Yamaha SA 800 guitar {335 style} $600.00 Yamaha about 4 years ago
Gibson Electraharp in astounding condition!.. cheap too! $725.00 Gibson about 4 years ago
2-vintage 1960's MIJ guitars.. $175.. $175.00 Shine over 4 years ago
Dekley S10... CHEAP! $25.00 Carter over 4 years ago
Dekley S10... $25.00 Other over 4 years ago
Carter S10 5&5 $1500 - Carter about 5 years ago