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simmons lefty had a file open but lost it- anyway sign up building new genesis Sd10 "lefty" with pad call or mail : 205-647-6400 or 205-234-9325 bob $1695 + shp
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magnatone keyless lap this may be rare, don't know much about it, just need what I have in it $250 or trade bakelite I think bob 205-234-9325 email best
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trade ?MSA or Emmons for about any D10 either of thes guitars have been refubished bob your choice both have decent case
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MSA S10 trade ? trade for light weight D10 such as beat up sup super pro,etc- this guitar has been completley refurbished email please: 3 & 4 coccker spaniel not included...
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Msa Sd10 4&5 refurbished, has Franklin pedal 4 + v LKR lowers Es and is correctly positioned, nice case $1495 + shp - dog not included....
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D10 for S12U have a clean BMI 4 pedals and 3 knees that all work both necks- I'll trade for universal 12 str any brand or condition for project- email or call please at or 205-647-6400 thanks, bob
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williams x-over D10 beautiful like new Williams D10 x-over, all 5 pedals and 5 knees work BOTH necks, this guitar has all kinds of goodies and in perfect condition- I'm a s12 or sd12 universal player, any trades ? might consider a bud super pro with alum changer fingers bob 205-647-6400
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magnatone keyless.... probably rare, good condition Magnatone 6 string keyless, sounds great $300 + shp
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Subject Price Brand Price Found
1930-1940 Harmony Broadway $350.00 - 5 hours ago
simmons lefty $1,695.00 Other 10 months ago
magnatone keyless lap $250.00 Other 10 months ago
trade ?MSA or Emmons for about any D10 - Emmons about 1 year ago
MSA S10 trade ? - Other over 1 year ago
Msa Sd10 4&5 $1,495.00 Other almost 2 years ago
D10 for S12U $6,400.00 Other about 2 years ago
williams x-over D10 $12.00 Other about 2 years ago
magnatone keyless.... $300.00 Other almost 3 years ago