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Peavey foot switch Anybody need one of these? How about $12+shipping?
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Gibson BR-6 *Handymans special* I bought this a while back, hoping to have time to fix it up, but that time never came. As you can see, it needs some TLC. Before the Jack fell apart, I plugged it in, tapped the pickup, and it sounded like it worked but had grounding issues. I think it just needs wiring but I dont know for su...
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Miller S-10****** $800 A friend of mine here in Portland is selling this Miller S-10, 2+2. Its a great sounding, solid little guitar. It could use some set-up work but for $800 its a lot of guitar. PM me for contact info. Donation will be made if sold to a forum member
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Victoria 80212 High Power Tweed Twin Clone Great amp. Email if you're interested or for more photos and info. $1200++
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Eventide Powerfactor Pedal Power Supply This is the original model, in near mint shape. Comes with box, manual and all 13 cables. One of the cables was cut to swap the polarity, it would be easy to fix it. The new ones are $220. $125+shipping from 04102
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More guitar books Ultimate Guitar $15 100 Years Gibson $16 Super 400 $15 Desktop Hip Amps $20 Gibson Electrics $15 Gibson Classic Electrics $22 [url] [/url]
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Guitar book sale Selling a bunch of guitar related books. All prices include media mail,shipping. Sprung $16 Guitar electronics $15 Beatles $16 Hawaiian steel $20 Amped $14 Rickenbacker $15 Gruhn $20 [/url]
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Clinesmith Cast Aluminum w/Horseshoe PU I hate to do it but here it is. Close to mint. Save a long wait and a couple of hundred. Amazing guitar. $1575+shipping Picture file
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Early Bakelite Rickenbacher Another one that I never thought I'd part with. A "One-knobber" . A little dusty but in great shape. Tuners are perfect. Sounds like it should, wonderful. There's really nothing that compares, tone-wise. $1250
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C-9 Organ pedal $150+shipping With box, no power supply, Velcro on bottom.
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Pre-war Rickenbacker tweed lap steel case Beautiful case for Rickenbacker B-6 lap steel c.1940 $150+ship
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Boss OC-3 SUPER Octave Pedal Fun pedal. A little dusty but otherwise pretty much mint. $75+shipping
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JBL 4ohm K-130 re-coned $110+shipping Title pretty much says it all. It's an old re-cone, I don't know who did it but it sounds like it should. I'll take it out of the cab and take some better photos if there is interest. $110+shipping and PayPal fees
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Standel 15" cab This was built by the newer Standel Co. a.k.a Requisite Audio. Very nice, high quality great sounding cab $225+shipping (the speaker in the photo is for sale separately.
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1956 Stringmaster Triple Nice one. Everything works and sounds as it should. $1700+ship
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Warmoth Baritone Tele $750+ship Warmoth quarter-sawn baritone neck, Warmoth-finished and built super light swamp ash tele body. Lindy Fralin hybrid pickups. Glendale titanium bridge. All the best used to make a great sounding and playing 7lb. baritone tele. Comes with quality bass gig bag. I probably have $1200 into this thing...
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DigiTech Hardwire DL-8 Delay Looper $60 DL-8 Delay. Except for a few scratches on the front edge, mint with box/papers etc. No power supply. $60 +ship from 04102
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Hilton Volume pedal bracket $20 $20 shipped to lower 48
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Original Pre-war Rickenbacker Horseshoe Pi... From a plastic plates c.1940 B-6. 1 1/2" wide, very clean and works perfectly. Includes all hardware (pickup mounting screws are not shown but are included) pots, cap and jack. All original. $395+ship
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Kiesel Bakelite Lap Steel Nice little Bakelite lap steel. At some point one row of tuners was replaced, I'm not sure which are the originals but they all work well. I removed the pickup cover but it goes back on with just two screws. Newer hard shell case. This thing sounds great, just doing some down-sizing. You can hear...
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1994 Victoria 80212 It doesn't get much better than this for pedal steel. Unknown great sounding speakers and a mix of n.o.s and new tubes. Everything works as it should. $1250+shipping from 04102
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Strymon Big Sky Reverb The best sounding and most versatile reverb pedal I've ever used. One tiny ding(on the letter k), otherwise near mint. Works perfectly. $400+shipping
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1967 Stringmaster D-8 Super clean and everything works as it should. The only faults other than dust are a small spot where someone tried to touch up a ding, and on the bottom where some knucklehead scratched some numbers into the finish. Not terribly noticeable and quite possible could be filled/buffed out. 24 1/...
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Subject Price Brand Price Found
Crafter HD-250 Natural Engelmann Spruce Mahogany Dreadnou... $330.00 - 6 hours ago
Peavey foot switch $12.00 Peavey 11 days ago
Gibson BR-6 *Handymans special* $300.00 Gibson 3 months ago
Miller S-10****** $800 $800.00 Other 4 months ago
Victoria 80212 High Power Tweed Twin Clone $1,200.00 Other 5 months ago
Eventide Powerfactor Pedal Power Supply $220.00 Other 10 months ago
More guitar books $15.00 Gibson 11 months ago
Guitar book sale $20.00 Rickenbacker 11 months ago
Clinesmith Cast Aluminum w/Horseshoe PU $1,575.00 Other 12 months ago
Early Bakelite Rickenbacher $1,250.00 Other 12 months ago
C-9 Organ pedal $150+shipping $150.00 Other 12 months ago
Pre-war Rickenbacker tweed lap steel case $1,940.00 Rickenbacker 12 months ago
Boss OC-3 SUPER Octave Pedal $75.00 Other about 1 year ago
JBL 4ohm K-130 re-coned $110+shipping $110.00 Other about 1 year ago
Standel 15" cab $225.00 Other about 1 year ago
1956 Stringmaster Triple $1,700.00 Other over 1 year ago
Warmoth Baritone Tele $750+ship $750.00 Warmoth almost 2 years ago
DigiTech Hardwire DL-8 Delay Looper $60 $60.00 Other almost 2 years ago
Hilton Volume pedal bracket $20 $20.00 Other almost 2 years ago
Original Pre-war Rickenbacker Horseshoe Pickup with harness $395.00 Rickenbacker almost 2 years ago
Kiesel Bakelite Lap Steel $325.00 Other almost 2 years ago
1994 Victoria 80212 $1,250.00 Other almost 2 years ago
Strymon Big Sky Reverb $400.00 Other about 2 years ago
1967 Stringmaster D-8 $1,650.00 Other about 2 years ago