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Fender Steel King FSK in great shape. Includes casters, foot switch and cover. Original Fender/Eminence speaker. This is a great amp, but too heavy for me anymore I would like $500 + shipping. I would prefer to meet someone in the greater SF Bay Area to avoid shipping. Email me via the forum please - not ...
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Sho~Bud The Professional Ser #3073 from 1973 Round front, barrels behind 2-hole pullers. Super easy to change the setup! Stays in tune. Sounds real sweet and plays well. $2650 + shipping. PayPal is fine & I'll split the fees. A money order or check is good also. I bought this as a project a few years ago...
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Goodrich L-120 Vol Pedal Low profile version, with bracket. Has a replacement pot from Tom Bradshaw. It's in fine shape. I'll take PayPal & eat the fee. Shipping included (lower 48 only) for a grand total of $150 Email me through the forum. [/i] _________________"To live outside the la...
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Zb Sd-10 $1600 $1600 + shipping. PayPal is fine if you pay the fee. I bought this ZB as a "project" about 3 years ago. A prior owner had removed the back neck and refinished it, among other things. (The original green color is under the end plates) I took it all apart, cleaned it, installed ZB knee lever...
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Grover Tuners A couple years ago I made the mistake of buying these Grover tuners, listed as "Pedal Steel tuners" at StewMac, thinking they would be the same as the ones on my ShoBud. I obviously did not bother to look close enough. I believe they will fit most modern steels. Grover Model 210C A se...
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3 BMI (?) Pedals These 3 pedals were attached to a very beat up ZB Custom. I replaced them with real ZB pedals and they are now of no use to me. Someone suggested that they are BMI, and they do look like pics I've seen. Please chime in if you know for certain what brand they are. They are in good shape...
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Goodrich Steel Driver 3 Good condition. Works as it should. $190 shipped (US only) If using PayPal, add $6. Email me via the Forum. Thanks & Happy New Year! Eric _________________"To live outside the law you must be honest." (Bob Dylan)
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ZB D-10 Blonde Beauty This is a beautiful looking & sounding ZB, but I have to raise $$$ for a different need. Asking $2200 + shipping. I can take PayPal(buyer pays fee) or a check/cash/gold/silver/etc. I bought it about 3 years ago and haven't done anything to it except play it a lot & a bit of lube. All o...
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ShoBud Pro-1 Red & Nice As the title says, a red Pro-1 circa 1975 (ser# 9729) 3 pedals + 4 knees. Emmons setup. E's on left. 2-hole pullers. Dust catcher fret board. Original pickup. $1600 + shipping. I will take PayPal. A check is fine too. Email me through the forum. I would certainly prefer not to ship ...
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PSG D-10 case $65 + ship I have a case that came with a ZB SD-10 "project" a couple years ago. It was obviously modified to fit the ZB, and the new owner will likely want to modify it to fit their guitar. It's in pretty decent shape. It is somewhat heavy (25lbs) so it would work well for a lighter instrument like an SD...
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K 15" speaker $60 + ship Excellent condition Fender Steel King speaker. Only down-side is the weight (replaced with an EPS-15 & my back is sooooo happy!) 4 ohms in the box: 16" x 16" x 7.5" 26 lbs. my ZIP is 95468 You can get a shipping quote from UPS or FedEx based on those #'s. I will take PayPal. T...
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Subject Price Brand Price Found
Lowden D-32 Guitar $2,300.00 - 4 hours ago
Fender Steel King $500.00 Fender 3 months ago
Sho~Bud The Professional $2,650.00 Jackson 3 months ago
Goodrich L-120 Vol Pedal $150.00 Other 4 months ago
Zb Sd-10 $1600 $10.00 Emmons almost 2 years ago
Grover Tuners $65.00 Other over 2 years ago
3 BMI (?) Pedals $80.00 Other over 2 years ago
Goodrich Steel Driver 3 - Other over 2 years ago
ZB D-10 Blonde Beauty $2,200.00 Palm Bay almost 3 years ago
ShoBud Pro-1 Red & Nice $1,600.00 Palm Bay almost 3 years ago
PSG D-10 case $65 + ship $65.00 Other about 3 years ago
K 15" speaker $60 + ship $60.00 Fender over 3 years ago