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Vintage Gibson L1 (1915-1920) I've had this old gal for a while. It's a The Gibson model L1. The label is there but I can't make out the fon on the neck lock or the label date. I bought the guitar a while back, and have decide to sell it. It's all there except for 1 endpin, tuners( originals in case but 1 button is missing...
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Gibson Mastertone RB-3 Banjo Ok let me start by saying this banjo is a monster tone machine. I got it from a retired picker who had owned it for 40 years, though it looks like new. It's not. I've owned it a good while myself. It's a Pre War Mastertone RB-3 repro, though the old picker said it was a conversion. I did not thin...
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1964 Gibson ES-120t Here is an all original honest playwear 1964 Gibson es120t. It plays great and sounds great. The body has some wear and mild checking,, but looks great. The tailpiece is nickel plated and has tarnish on it. All original loll. The pots all work good as does the pick up. The neck is fast and on...
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Shure Wireless SM-58 System Here is a great sounding Shure Wireless Microphone system. Its a UT-4 and comes with the sm-58 wireless microphone. The system works great and sounds great. It's in perfect condition, and includes the manual, power supply and cables to hook up to the pay or amp. $175.00 shipped.
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Korg PitchBlack Tuner Here is a nicely used Korg Pitch Black Tuner. It works great, and is versatile and accurate. It has the ability to,power another pedal too. As the pics show, it has some wear, and had Velcro on the bottom,but the wear is superficial, as this tuner is built like a tank and is as good as it gets. ...
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Killer Stratocaster ( Must See) I'm selling this beauty as i had some hurricane damage and the deductible is up there, so something has to go. I built this strat using nothing but the best parts money can buy. The whole guitar is 7.5 lbs of tone, and it looks incredible. This guitar is on par with any 3k custom shop made Fende...
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Cables,Tuners, Odds and Ends Selling more stuff I not using anymore. 4- 20 foot highs end instrument cables. Straight to straight ends. $50 for all 4 10- patch cables all are top notch. A few different length. $40.00 for all 6- George L solderless cable ends. $ 15.00 for all. Buy the whole lot a...
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ISP Impression Muuti Effects Unit Don't know how they do it, but this is the simplest multi effects unit around. It does reverb, chorus/flanger, and delay. All controlled from 2 knobs and 4 footswitches. The manual is easy to read and the unit is as high tech as it gets. The sound quality is top notch and it has the decimator noi...
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1970's Vintage Yamaki Acoustc MIJ ( a re... I've had this beauty for a long time. It's basically a Martin D 28 Copy made in Japan , with a bound neck. The Yamaki brand was made for the Japan market only. It was brought back from Japan by a family friend a long time back. The guitar is nice and clean for its age, and looks great. No ...
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Roland GR-20 Guitar Synth Not using this unit anymore it's a Roland GR-20 guitar synth. It works as it should and sound great. It has the manual, box and hardware. It's been used but looks great. It has a new 20 foot 13 pin chord and replacement power adaptor. Someone will enjoy this unit. I know I did. $150.00 shi...
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1997 Fender Telecaster ( USA Made) Here is a like new 1997 Fender American Standard Tele. Its in the rare Inca Silver finish, with a great rosewood board. It has a nice neck, its a 11/16 width neck and medium profile not large, and not super small. It plays and sounds great. Comes in at 8.3 lbs, and sounds incredible. The guitar i...
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Pedal Sale (take a look) Selling a bunch of new pedals I never used. model 95 crybaby wah pedal. $75 shipped 2. Boss volume and wah pedal. $95 shipped. 3. Dan electro fab tone distortion $ 35 shipped 4. Dan electro od pedal. $ 35 shipped 5. Dan electro flanger. $ 35 shipped 6. Hartke acoustic d...
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1967 Fender Coroanad II Here is a gorgeous cherry red 67 Fender Coronado II. The guitar is very clean for its age, though it has a few small marks around the edges and back, and the finish is sinking into the wood due to age ,but overall its a nice one. It plays, and sounds incredible, as the DeArmond pickups are great ...
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PRS SE Custom 24 ( Killer Quilt Top) Here is a beautiful PRS custom 24 SE. Its in the Vintage Yellow with a killer quilt top. The guitar is like new with most of the case candy, and a hard shell case. The set up is killer as are the tones and neck. Not much I can say other than its basically as new as you will see for a used guita...
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Shure sm 57 and sm 5's Selling a pair od used but like new Shure sm 58,s , and 1 sm 57. 65 each shipped.
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Gator Pedal Tote Powered Pedal Board Here is a basically new pedal tote powered board. This is the best grab and go powere sized board around. It will,power and accommodate upmtom8 regular pedals. It comes with power supply and cabling. New they are around 140+ shipping Get this one for 100 shipped.
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Cable lot for sale. Selling all my spare cables. They all work and most are 15 to 20 feet high quality. Again there are used but not abused. There are 11 guitar cables and 1 microphone cable. Maybe a few more surprises added in. 70 shipped gets them all.
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Boss GT-10 Here is the Swiss army multi effects unit. This unit is like new, and is as versatile as you will ever need. Too many features to list , bup it will make your coffee in the morning. Well maybe not. Lol. This is just killer performance for the money. $200.00 shipped.
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1990 G&L S-500 Strat ( Leo Fender Era ) If you are a Leo Fender/G&L collector, or fan , this is your lucky day. You will not find a cleaner 1990 S-500 anywhere. This guitar is as clean as you will ever see, and made during Leos 'tenure as owner at G&L. Look at the pics, it's gorgeous. While not a feather weight, as it's ash and comes ...
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1975 Sho-Bud Pro-1 Sellincg this incredible sounding, all original Pro-1. I haven't played steel in a million years, and it's time to let her go To and home that will play it , as it's too good tomsitminnthe case. The pickup sounds killer. It's a 3-3 set up and all works as it should. The maple is beauti...
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Pedal Board ( loaded and ready to go ) Not using this anymore as I've gone the modeling way. It's a computer set up. Plug and play. All pedal s are looke new and The pedal board case and power supply+ more Velcro to add more is included. Pedals are Boss tremolo Boss CH 1 chorus Boss flanger Boss DD3 delay fullt...
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1968 fender Princeton Reverb Selling one more of my small Fenders. This is a real 68 Princeton Reverb. It's all original other than a couple of tubes and new nos Mallory filter cap. This amp is killer sounding and in great shape for its age. The grill cloth has a few Stains, but easily cleaned, and has a small hole i...
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Tweed Champ 5f1 build No cost was spared building this little killer. It has a Larry Rodgers built cab( the best there is), and never to be had again. As Larry sadly passed away a while back. The chassis also came from Larry and was built by a local builder friend of Larry's. It's built with heyboer trannies, and top ...
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Subject Price Brand Price Found
The Loar LO-14 Blackstone Solid Top Acoustic Guitar $429.99 - 5 hours ago
Vintage Gibson L1 (1915-1920) $1,495.00 Gibson 7 months ago
Gibson Mastertone RB-3 Banjo $1,995.00 Gibson 7 months ago
1964 Gibson ES-120t $1,195.00 Gibson 7 months ago
Shure Wireless SM-58 System $175.00 Other 8 months ago
Korg PitchBlack Tuner $50.00 Other 8 months ago
Killer Stratocaster ( Must See) $950.00 Warmoth 10 months ago
Cables,Tuners, Odds and Ends $100.00 Other 11 months ago
ISP Impression Muuti Effects Unit $250.00 Other 11 months ago
1970's Vintage Yamaki Acoustc MIJ ( a real killer.) $325.00 Martin 12 months ago
Roland GR-20 Guitar Synth $150.00 Other 12 months ago
1997 Fender Telecaster ( USA Made) $895.00 Fender about 1 year ago
Pedal Sale (take a look) $35.00 Other about 1 year ago
1967 Fender Coroanad II $1,395.00 Fender about 1 year ago
PRS SE Custom 24 ( Killer Quilt Top) $650.00 Other about 1 year ago
Shure sm 57 and sm 5's $57.00 Other about 1 year ago
Gator Pedal Tote Powered Pedal Board $100.00 Other about 1 year ago
Cable lot for sale. $70.00 Other about 1 year ago
Boss GT-10 $200.00 Other about 1 year ago
1990 G&L S-500 Strat ( Leo Fender Era ) $995.00 G&L about 1 year ago
1975 Sho-Bud Pro-1 $1,995.00 Sho-Bud about 1 year ago
Pedal Board ( loaded and ready to go ) $275.00 Other about 1 year ago
1968 fender Princeton Reverb $1,795.00 Fender about 1 year ago
Tweed Champ 5f1 build $550.00 Other about 1 year ago