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Goodrich LDR2 New (probably) or certainly unused for sure. This came from the estate that I've been helping sell off. We found this pedal in the original box but missing the power supply. I did some research and was able to source the power supply from Amazon so it's now complete. Checked it out and it works l...
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Evans JE200 Hate to sell it but my old back can't stand getting it in and out of the car anymore. Going back to MB200. I believe this to be from the mid 90's. I just completed 39 performances of "Always...Patsy Cline with it and it worked flawlessly. I installed a new correct reverb tank when I got it. Origi...
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Goodrich Matchbox 7A Used but not abused - good shape - new batteries - works like it's supposed to. $225.00 shipped and PP'd to lower 48. _________________'76 BMI SD-10(For Sale), Fessenden SD-10 3x4, Evans JE200, G&K MB200, DV Mark Micro 50 Jazz head, Boss Katana 50, homebrew Teles, Martin 000-18, C.E....
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Ernie Ball Volume Pedal Full sized EB pedal with jacks on the side. Got it as part of a package and just don't need it . I played it for awhile this AM and seems to work fine. $65.00 shipped and Pay Pal'd east of the Mississippi.....add $5 for the wild west - shipping is getting ridiculous lately. ___________...
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ShoBud S-10 Selling a 1970 (I think - could be wrong) ShoBud S-10, SN 1000. Overall pretty nice shape for it's age but needs a little TLC by someone who knows how to operate a rack and barrel guitar. Single RKL lowers 4&8. Shows signs of having a second knee at some point in the past. AB pots are a tad scrat...
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Boss Katana 50 Selling my Boss Katana 50 and going back to an MB200. It's a great little amp but just doesn't have the power that I need. It has all the great Boss effects built in and you can plug it into the Boss software in your computer and tweak all the effects. I'd like to keep it but can't have them all....
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MSA SIdekick OK, here's the last one from the estate: Pretty clean little MSA Sidekick - sorry no case. Everything seems to function OK - I tuned the opens and 'A' pedal and ran out of time but everything seems to function as it's supposed to. It really needs to be restrung before a proper setup and sinc...
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ShoBud Maverick Another item from the estate I'm helping with. Real nice ShoBud Maverick with case. I went through it tuned it up and it seems to work just fine. Regular Emmons setup on the pedals and RKR lowers 2&8. Asking $600 plus shipping. Donation to forum upon sale. 36x13x6 and 30# from 3...
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Lap Steel Unknown 6 string lap steel - more estate stuff. Not sure who made it or what it's made of - kinda heavy - could be bakelite - weird pickup - no controls but sounds pretty darn good. No case. Is it worth $100 plus shipping? We'll try that for starters. PayPal fine - I'll eat the fees. ...
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BMI Parts Thought I had a buyer but haven't heard back from him so I'll list them on open forum..... I converted my '76 BMI from D-10 to SD-10 and have all the C6th parts available. Pretty much five of everything (pedals, rods, shafts) plus all the hardware that goes with them. Beautiful keyhead with ...
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Lap Steel Parts Here's a few lap steel parts that I've collected over the years that might be of use to someone. Most are machined aluminum and one is brass. The 8 string pickup is missing one screw and my meter beeps that there's continuity but I can't get a decent DC reading on it is what it is. Pretty...
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Boss Dd3 Boss DD3 digital delay with Boss wall wart. Works fine. Flash washed out the colors but it's OK in person. $75.00 shipped to lower 48. PayPal is fine. _________________Homebrew Teles Martin 000-18 BOSS Katana 50 amp Understanding wife of 42 years
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**NEW** Crate Power BLock I'm helping the daughter of a late friend liquidate the musical part of his estate. This Power Block is NEW - I opened the box this AM and the tape sealing the plastic wrappers had never been removed from either the amp, power cord, or paperwork. I think he bought it and put it on the shelf and f...
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Couple of Lap Steels I built a couple more of these and they will be the last unless I can come up with a different design that's easier to build. These two are made of solid ash and have humbucking pickups, volume, tone, and decent enclosed tuners. Brass saddle and nut and 22.5" scale. Tuned to C6th. Finished with w...
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SICA Cabinet Pine home built cabinet with SICA 12" 350 watt speaker from Ken Fox. Used it with an MB200 (for sale) to play steel and guitar. Downsizing to small combo amp. Has power strip mounted in back. Nice, lightweight cabinet measures 17x17x9 and is Tolex covered. $150.00 plus shipping to lower 48. ...
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Squier CV Tele Had a financial emergency come up and have to sell my Squier CV Tele. Got it earlier this year and have only played out with it about three times. Pretty much like new except some pickguard scratches. Great action and the stock PU's are surprisingly good. Save a few $$$ over a new one and get abo...
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Tele - Surf Style I built this for a short lived surf band I was in (Surf Tones Trio on You Tube). Body is Paulownia with Rustoleum red finish - weight about 5 lbs and has Strat type tremolo. Neck is older Allparts with minimal finish (really hate to part with this neck - I've had it a long time). Bridge PU ...
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Lap Steel For Sale This is a prototype I built awhile back for a multiple run I plan to make. I didn't take a great deal of pains in finishing, etc., but it's solid and plays fine and sounds fine. Made out of some dense southern yellow pine I've had roasting in the garage for about 5 years - stained with about 5 c...
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Evans AE100 Selling my Evans AE100 to pay some bills. Excellent condition - one tiny nick on Tolex and #1 input jack needs sprayed - otherwise perfect. I think these are rated at 100 watts but are closer to 150. Great big sound for an 8" speaker. Also has neat little kickback stand. Wish I could keep it but ...
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Harmony Lap Steel 1960's Harmony H1 lap steel according to Doug Beaumier. Scale length is 22.75(?) or thereabouts. Good condition and everything works. Comes with homemade hard case as pictured. $200.00 to your door in lower 48. _________________GK MB200 amp, home built cabinet with 12" SICA, 2001 Mar...
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Cordoba GK Studio Selling my 2014 (?) Cordoba GK Studio to finance a new purchase. These are great for Chet & Jerry type stuff as well as bossa nova, jazz, etc. - you can even sound (sorta) like Willie. Solid European spruce top with laminated cypress back and sides. Fishman dual source (mic and piezo) electronics...
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SICA 12" Speaker SICA 12", 350 watt, 4 ohm speaker from Ken Fox. Works great with G&K MB200 or other amp that'll work into 4 ohms. I got this new from Ken and have used it sparingly (once or twice a month) over about 4 years. It's in excellent condition and has only been in the cabinet I built for it originally. ...
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For Trade: SICA 12" 4 ohm I'd like to trade my lightweight neo SICA 12", 4 ohm , 350 watt speaker that I got from Ken Fox for a decent 12", 8 ohm. My only amp now is an Evans AE100 that needs an 8 ohm external cabinet and I can't use the 4 ohm. Might even consider a 15". Hint......I like JBLs Speaker is in excellent ...
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Subject Price Brand Price Found
Bourgeois Aged Tone Adirondack/Ziricote OM Acoustic - Used $4,899.00 - 5 hours ago
Goodrich LDR2 $175.00 Fessenden 3 days ago
Evans JE200 $450.00 Fessenden about 1 month ago
Goodrich Matchbox 7A $225.00 Fessenden about 2 months ago
Ernie Ball Volume Pedal - Fessenden 3 months ago
ShoBud S-10 $1,250.00 Martin 3 months ago
Boss Katana 50 $165.00 Martin 6 months ago
MSA SIdekick $500.00 Martin 7 months ago
ShoBud Maverick $600.00 Emmons 7 months ago
Lap Steel $100.00 Martin 7 months ago
BMI Parts $400.00 Martin 7 months ago
Lap Steel Parts $20.00 Martin 7 months ago
Boss Dd3 $75.00 Martin 7 months ago
**NEW** Crate Power BLock $125.00 Martin 7 months ago
Couple of Lap Steels $275.00 Larrivee 10 months ago
SICA Cabinet $150.00 Cordoba 11 months ago
Squier CV Tele $350.00 Larrivee about 1 year ago
Tele - Surf Style $450.00 Larrivee over 1 year ago
Lap Steel For Sale $150.00 Cordoba over 1 year ago
Evans AE100 $525.00 Cordoba over 1 year ago
Harmony Lap Steel $200.00 Harmony over 1 year ago
Cordoba GK Studio $475.00 Martin over 1 year ago
SICA 12" Speaker $85.00 Cordoba over 1 year ago
For Trade: SICA 12" 4 ohm $15.00 Cordoba over 1 year ago