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National 1928 Style 1 Square Neck Tricone,... 1928- National Style 1 Square Neck w/ Original Hard-shell case! This very early National Style 1 was produced while John Dopyera was still at the helm at National, prior to leaving the company to start Dobro. Made of German Silver, this beautiful instrument sings out with a warm, direct tone...
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National M1 Square Neck Tricone, $2,200+ship This square neck resonator guitar is in perfect condition and sounds as good as it looks. John Dopyera, the inventor of the resonator guitar, felt that tricones were the most perfect design: "Tricone music flows like water". The three cones provide a built-in chorus, reverb, and sustain. New p...
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Baggs MixPro Stereo Mixer+DI, Belt or Seat... Have an instrument with two pickups on it? Set the characteristics of each pickup individually, then mix them together, with global volume+bass+treble control. NEW $170, now $120, shipped CUSA Comes with a $50 Mogami stereo cable, at no extra charge.(Stereo cable to the instrument, mo...
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JD Aura+Pedalboard+Reverb+Tuner+Power- the... The perfect reso pedal setup (I have no more Fishman Nashville resos)...$400 ->INCLUDES pedal connection cables, power wiring, and power supply (YES, I'LL SELL THE PEDALS INDIVIDUALLY if nobody wants the whole thing) Fishman JD Aura pedal new $350, now $230 Boss TU-3 Tuner ne...
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Beard Road-O-Phonic dobro +EXTRAS $1,200 s... Why use a dobro simulator when you can plug a real dobro right into your steel amp and not get feedback? The Road-o-Phonic has stereo output - a Lace Dobro pickup on the neck, and a Fishman Piezo - so you get the best of all worlds. Im including a Baggs Stereo MixPro DI with steel sea...
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1972 Model 66 Dobro in A+ shape and sound,... NOTE: I know that these often sell for less...but the good ones are worth more. This is a good one, AND I'LL ACCEPT RETURNS IF THE BUYER DOESN'T AGREE..and I'm covering shipping. A 1972 Model 66 Dobro resonator in wonderful condition...get that classic Uncle Josh Graves sound, but in a fan...
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Beard R Model, brand new...with Fishman. ... Beard R Model...I got a tricone obsession while this was being built for me...barely played, but I like it better than all my other single-cones (I had a Blackbeard and dobro Model 66)...full, rich tone, this is a good one...with Fishman Nashville pickup. I changed the sound hole rings for o...
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Melobar SLS, $350 A classic Melobar SLS....that David Lindley/Cindy Cashdollar/Rusty Young tone (yes, they all have Melobars) excellent condition, and works perfectly. $350+ship. ------------------------------ 1932 National Style 3 Tricone, National M...
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Wildwood Troubadour Banjo $1.200+ship Wildwood Troubadour 5-string banjo, with tubaphone ring - this adds resonance and depth and makes the banjo sound amazing! The price is about 30% off of retail...this banjo is in excellent condition. It hardly has been played. I had it completely set up and frets leveled (didn't really need ...
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1932 National Style 3 Square Neck, a real ... 1932 National Style 3 Square Neck, a real beauty, $5,950 +$100 ship/insure I've only had this incredible tricone instrument for a month...but its arrival started off a tricone obsession with me, and I've got a line on a one-of-a-kind, rather more expensive one, that I can only get if I let t...
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Beard Jerry Douglas Blackbeard $3,000 ship... Jerry Douglas plays this EXACT model resonator in concertfull-range, modern, resonant sound. I love it more than any other single-cone instrument Ive playedbut Ive gotten bitten by the National Tricone bug, and theyre expensive This guitar has a beautiful semi-translucent black finish - the...
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Really Unique Effects pedals: ODs, Wah, Le... I'm going all-acoustic, so my "go to" pedals are gonna' get gone...these are perfect for pedal steel... ------------------------ Sarno Earth Drive, $160 shipped (new $195+shipping) The standard for steel folksorganic, full-bodied, yet transparent sound
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Leslie Speaker simulator effects pedal $100 Digitech Ventura Leslie Speaker pedal $100 shipped ($150 new street price) Lots of Leslie simulator pedals out thereI studied them all. This one fits in a single stomp box profile (they mostly are quite large), and has a great feature - when you select it, you can then just hold the b...
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BJS Bar - standard 10-string Only one left! BJS Bar - standard 10 string x 3 bar Excellent condition, no scratches or dents Ruby tip BJS, $65 shipped ------------ And check out my other ads: Beard Road-o-phonic
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Milkman Half and Half Combo, with extras..... Milkman Half and Half Combo with extras, $1,750 shipped CUSA ($2,149 new, plus shipping) Ive owned every one of Tims steel amps over the years, and the Half and Half really is the perfect combinationnice warm hand-wired all-tube front end and reverb, 300 watts, 30 lbs. https://milkmanso...
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Williams 4-Color Sunburst Widebody S-10, $... I love this guitarbut I have 3 of them and only play the keyless one much any more...just a couple of lbs. lighter to take to gigs... The widebody Williams is in between the typical S-10 and SD-10 in width, and the legs are at an angle that gives it the same stability as an SD-10. It is a 6...
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Subject Price Brand Price Found
The Loar LO-16 Acoustic Guitar $269.00 - 5 hours ago
National 1928 Style 1 Square Neck Tricone, $3,500+ship $3,500.00 Dobro 3 months ago
National M1 Square Neck Tricone, $2,200+ship $2,200.00 Weissenborn 3 months ago
Baggs MixPro Stereo Mixer+DI, Belt or Seat mount $50.00 Other 8 months ago
JD Aura+Pedalboard+Reverb+Tuner+Power- the perfect JD setup! $50.00 Other 9 months ago
Beard Road-O-Phonic dobro +EXTRAS $1,200 shipped, $2,150 new $2,150.00 Dobro 9 months ago
1972 Model 66 Dobro in A+ shape and sound, $900 shipped $900.00 Dobro 9 months ago
Beard R Model, brand new...with Fishman. $2,300 shopped CUS $2,300.00 Dobro 9 months ago
Melobar SLS, $350 $350.00 Dobro 9 months ago
Wildwood Troubadour Banjo $1.200+ship $1,200.00 Rick Turner 9 months ago
1932 National Style 3 Square Neck, a real beauty, $5,950 $5,950.00 Dobro 10 months ago
Beard Jerry Douglas Blackbeard $3,000 shipped CUSA $3,000.00 Dobro 10 months ago
Really Unique Effects pedals: ODs, Wah, Leslie $100.00 Dobro 11 months ago
Leslie Speaker simulator effects pedal $100 $100.00 Dobro 11 months ago
BJS Bar - standard 10-string $65.00 Dobro 11 months ago
Milkman Half and Half Combo, with extras....$1750, shipped $1,750.00 Fender 12 months ago
Williams 4-Color Sunburst Widebody S-10, $2,400 SHIPPED $10.00 Other almost 3 years ago