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Topic:  Promat D-10 Black PROMAT D10 for sale guitar and case are in really nice condition this is a push pull guitar.would like to sell the guitar for $3,000 Reason for sale is I need an S-10 ...and will take an S-10 in trade for this is an emmons setup...I have the tabs for the emmons style volume pedal.....
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One of a kind Lakland P5 Metal flake block... Well, with great sorrow it's time to move to the next chapter of my life, so up for grabs is this beauty. It started life as one of the 30 LOG basses, and was immediately sent to Marty Bell for a refin. Bass plays and looks amazing. No scratches or dings in finish, one small nick in headstock. Wi...
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ONLY: Warrior Isabella 5 Up for sale is my Warrior Isabella 5. This bass is stunning! Sounds and plays great! *34" Scale *Alder Body *Spalted Maple Top *Wenge/Purpleheart Neck *Ebony FB$3300.00 - No Trades PleaseShipping in Continental Unites States Only Its in great condition and comes with Warrior Gig Bag, Warri...
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Jerzy Drozd Excellency 5 Here's something you don't see every day. Jerzy Drozd Excellency 5 string with a fantastic burl maple top. 3-piece maple neck, ebony board and etimoe body. Split coil pickups and an Aguilar OBP-2 preamp. Comes in a form-fitted flight case. I'm putting this bass up for a very specific trade - I w...
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Vintage Icon Jazz Sorry, no trades. This is the Vintage Icon Jaco knockoff (copy of fretless fender jazz). It is the most amazing bass I've ever played in my life. I'm crying as I write this ad to sell the best bass of all time. You will cry with joy when you buy it. This bass will make you sound exactly like Jaco...
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Topic:  Sierra S-10 with 4 + 4 Nice Sierra s-10 4 pedals franklin o n 4 and 4 knees emmons set up 1600 shipped lower 48Last edited by Dennis Wireman on 8 May 2012 3:55 am; edited 1 time in total
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Ultra Kool Jazz Bass in Persimon with matc... Hi all....this is a very kool custom build (not an off-the-shelf Fender) Ultra high-gloss Persimon orange color finish. Made In Japan a/m body and electronics...all brand new. Nearly noiseless passive MIJ Jazz Bass pickups, 250K pots w/chicklet tone cap, alder body. 2012 VM Jaguar Bass rosewood ...
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or F/T Fender Standard P-Bass 60th anniversary MIM Precision bass. I bought it new as a store demo model and it has a ding on the lower body, as seen in the pictures. The color is copper metallic burst. It comes with a Fender gig bag, black and white pickguards, and all the hang tags. Price is $450 shipped or will trade for a...
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EBMM Stingray HH Slo in Cherryburst I've been playing this for about six months and love it. It's been to a handful of rehearsals and one gig. I recently picked up an HS from here, and though the pickup configs I find most useful I can get from both, I'm a sucka for a TSB finish- the CB has to go. "Specs": See EBMM website! and ...
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Topic:  Lap King Bel Aire For Sale *Lower... I have an early Lap King Bel Aire for sale. It has the plastic pickguard rather than metal. The body has a few nicks but otherwise the guitar is in very good shape. Sounds great with the pickup combination. I don't have a case but I use a small keyboard gigbag if I take it out of the house. Askin...
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Reggie Hamilton Signature Jazz (P/J) Black... The good: Hipshot drop D tuner, BadAss II bridge, custom Pickguardian red tort pickguard. Trussrod works fine, very minor fretware, strung with La Bella Deep Talkin' Flats. MASSIVE 18v preamp tone. The bad: Original preamp shorted out intermittently, so another was installed. Bypass switch is ...
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Rob Allen MB2-4 Fretted $1775 shipped Had this up, sold a couple basses so i decided to keep this. But now there is a very pricey bass on the board giving me GAS so this ones back up. Beautiful Rob Allen MB2-4 Fretted 1 piece Cedar Luminosa semi-hollow body Killer Walnut top Ivory binding Fishman Matrix Piezo Mandolin Style ...
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Modulus Genesis VJ Genesis VJ $950.00 for bass and case shipped CONUS Standard Features and Specifications from Modulus web page Standard Features: 04 Model. 21-fret, 34” scale bolt-on, carbon fiber and wood hybrid neck Compound radius maple fingerboard Black dot top and side position markers Bi-directio...
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2011 NS74ce Howdy!Up for sale is my NS74ce.  It's a 2011, so it's got the cool wood rosette and Indian rosewood binding Taylor scraped for 2012....I bought it in October, and it hasn't left my house since. (no pets, no smoke)I just bought a new steel string, so this one has to go...I'm asking 1900, which I f...
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Gilded Stingray 5 - Limited Edition Musicman I'll probably regret this one... For sale is an essentially new EBMM Premium Dealer Network LE Gilded White SR5 Classic. I ordered the bass from Grand Central Music when it was first released last year and received it in February. For full disclosure, it was delivered with a bad pre-amp. The ...
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1990 FENDER PRECISION BASS PLUS SUNBURST 1990 Precision bass +bass is in pretty good shape for being over 20 years old. Missing the fine tuners, they kept coming loose and falling out so I just took them out. They're around here somewhere but I don't know where so I'm saying gone. 3 or 4 small dings and a couple of long scratches,about ...
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Ken Smith BSR6P Pro Series 6 Up forsale is my 2006 Ken Smith BSR6P case queen. She has a Bubinga body with a maple core, maple neck with walnut stringers I believe, morado board. It sings but is not a bass I want to gig with as I would always be afraid something could happen to it. This bass sell for $4500 without the Bubing...
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Dingwall Z1 6-String Hate to sell, but with a wedding coming up and student debt to pay off I'm not sure I can justify it any more. Here it is: Z1 6 String Whale Pool Blue Spalted Maple Top Maple Fretboard Black fret markers on top, none on fretboard. Price: $3500 This is by far the best I've ever played, and...
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/FT 83 Fender P Elite II Here's a lovely 83 Fender P Elite II that I have...but really, what I WANT to have is a nice (warwick thumb or similar) fretless...$1100 cash wouldn't hurt either Let's make a deal
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Fender American Vintage RI '62 Precision F... I'm selling my USA AVRI Precision. $1100 OBRO Shipped CONUS. Great example, 8 pounds on my bathroom scale, 2-piece body nicely matched with the joint in the center, and a nice job on the standard RI sunburst. The neck pocket is tight and even. Finish is in great shape except for one small ding ...
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Carvin LB76, quilt maple, gorgeous One of the prettiest LB76s I've ever seen and a great player to boot. Body wings are quilt maple over ash?, fully contoured, strings through, five piece neck-through, beautiful ebony board with no markers. The neck is unglossed (looks like factory to me) and has a very thin finish, oil or maybe...
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FENDER..Highway One Jazz..death and taxes ... Ok putting up the Highway One Midnight Wine Jazz bass..No greasebucket, but the resistor will be included. I bought it already converted back to the standard tone, and he did a good job. A very nice bass, really. graphite in the neck, nitro finish, badass bridge, and not very heavy at all, especi...
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Vintage Univox Beatle Bass MIJ i bought this cool old japanese univox beatle bass from a fellow tb'er while on my hollow body search, but since i've settled on an epi casady, i don't need it. it feels like it's fully hollow and lots of bounce and vibe in its tone. very cool and unique. it's in great shape with just a couple sm...
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Subject Price Brand Price Found
TAYLOR GUITARS BIG BABY 306-GB Acoustic Guitar Made in USA $450.00 - 6 hours ago
Topic:  Promat D-10 Black $3,000.00 Emmons almost 6 years ago
One of a kind Lakland P5 Metal flake blocked maple $150.00 Lakland almost 6 years ago
ONLY: Warrior Isabella 5 - Warrior almost 6 years ago
Jerzy Drozd Excellency 5 $4,150.00 Other almost 6 years ago
Vintage Icon Jazz - Fender almost 6 years ago
Topic:  Sierra S-10 with 4 + 4 - Sierra almost 6 years ago
Ultra Kool Jazz Bass in Persimon with matching headstock.... $475.00 Fender almost 6 years ago
or F/T Fender Standard P-Bass $450.00 Fender almost 6 years ago
EBMM Stingray HH Slo in Cherryburst $1,050.00 Music Man almost 6 years ago
Topic:  Lap King Bel Aire For Sale *Lower Price* $700.00 Other almost 6 years ago
Reggie Hamilton Signature Jazz (P/J) Black, Rosewood &Tort $525.00 Fender almost 6 years ago
Rob Allen MB2-4 Fretted $1775 shipped $1,775.00 Rob Allen almost 6 years ago
Modulus Genesis VJ - Modulus almost 6 years ago
2011 NS74ce $2,012.00 Taylor almost 6 years ago
Gilded Stingray 5 - Limited Edition Musicman $2,119.00 Music Man almost 6 years ago
1990 FENDER PRECISION BASS PLUS SUNBURST $625.00 Fender almost 6 years ago
Ken Smith BSR6P Pro Series 6 $4,500.00 Ken Smith almost 6 years ago
Dingwall Z1 6-String - Dingwall almost 6 years ago
/FT 83 Fender P Elite II $1,100.00 Fender almost 6 years ago
Fender American Vintage RI '62 Precision For Sale $1,100.00 Fender almost 6 years ago
Carvin LB76, quilt maple, gorgeous $800.00 Carvin almost 6 years ago
FENDER..Highway One Jazz..death and taxes sale pt2 $550.00 Fender almost 6 years ago
Vintage Univox Beatle Bass MIJ $200.00 Univox almost 6 years ago