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**NEW** Crate Power BLock I'm helping the daughter of a late friend liquidate the musical part of his estate. This Power Block is NEW - I opened the box this AM and the tape sealing the plastic wrappers had never been removed from either the amp, power cord, or paperwork. I think he bought it and put it on the shelf and f...
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1950's Fender Deluxe 8 Hi all! I have a 1950's Fender Deluxe 8 for sale. It has had its pickup rewound and has a new volume pot. The tone pot is the original. It has been over the years and the case is in real rough shape. Unfortunately it wasn't well packed when it was shipped to me so the plywood on the case ha...
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Thomas D-10 8p/4kl 2250.00 OBO Really Nice Thomas D-10 with 8 pedals and 4 knee levers. Has George L pickups and a new set of legs. 2250.00 Shipped to lower 48 _________________Daniel J. Cormier Rittenberry with Tone to the bone,profex or tubefex and what ever amp, hilton pedal, BJS bars. Email at
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EVANS speaker I have an Evans 15 inch Eclipse speaker that came out of an Evans SE 200 amplifier. Sounds good like an Evans should! Model is Evans 15C. This thing is heavy, and shipping has gone up. The last heavy speaker I sold cost over 36.00 to ship. I am willing to go half way with shipping. Price on...
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GK MB200 - Great Condition GK MB200, with manual and Speakon cable adaptor. Purchased as a backup amp. Excellent condition. $240 shipped to continental US. Paypal only & I'll pay the fees. _________________"I make dozens of dollars a year playing music."
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Strings Strings for sale for lead guitar. 5 packs of Fender 150XL gauges .009 thru .046. 2 packs of Fender 150XL gauges .009 thru .040. 7- Ernie Ball strings consisting of the following gauges: .042 / .032 / .024 / .016 / .011 / .010 / .009 1-Fender string .032 All strings in one deal...
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Forum: Steel Guitar Forum
Various Items For Sale I have for sale a smorgasbord of items that would be mostly for the lead or rhythm guitarist. Shown in the picture are: 1- Hamilton KB19 Capo 1- Keyser style Capo 1- Joyo brand tuner [battery included] 1- Gold color truss rod cover fits Gretsch 1- Gold tremolo spring 1- Gold pickg...
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Emmons Bolt on Push/Pull Selling my 1966 Emmons original bolt on. It is the standard emmons setup, 8 pedals and 5 knees. I can send a chart of the copedent if you PM me. It is in very good condition for its age and sounds amazing! It has an emmons 108N pickup on the E9th neck and the original emmons pickup on the C6th ne...
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Lesson 3 released-Speed Pockets-E9th speed... Just released lesson 3 in the series of Nashville Speed pickin Pockets. The sample below is speed notes using the diminished notes colored in with normal. Sample: $30.00 plus $2.00 shipping. Email or PM me. Lessons 1 & 2 available also: https://b...
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Ernie Ball Volume Pedal, Jacks on Right Si... You know it, you love it... Smooth and stable. Jacks where you want them to be and a tuner out to boot! Looks like there was a sticker on the bottom, but works just fine. $70 plus 9.95 shipping to the lower 48.
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Fender '65 Twin Reverb Reissue Tube Combo ... Selling my Fender '65 Twin Reverb Reissue 85-Watt 2x12 Tube Combo Amp. I don't know the exact date it was made, but I think it is from the early 1990s. Everything works as it should, the only reason I'm selling is to help fund the purchase of a Milkman Amp. This amp is not a showroom b...
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-----> Hawaiian tabs for E9th <----- After seeing a request for E9th Hawaiian tabs, I went to work and tabbed out some songs that are familiar, to me anyway. It was rather a "blast from the past" as I cut my baby teeth on this type of music. When I first started taking "Hawaiian" guitar lessons over 50 years ago, this was the musi...
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Fessenden D10 8 & 5 Excellent condition This guitar is in like new condition. Mirror finish on metal. Plays like a dream. This is a pro guitar that you'll own for a lifetime. $2,850.00 Totally gone through and cleaned, re-timed. Just a beautiful guitar. Emmons setup, E's on left. Listen below for sound samples on E9th & C6t...
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Lexicon, revelations, Stewart world, furman Good evening fellow Steelers, I have a pristine Revelation preamp, a Stewart world 250 power amp, a furm an power conditioner, and a Lexicon mpx100 reverb unit. I have traded and ended up with this group of components, and need to move them. The revelation works perfectly, the furman doe...
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BL 705 Pickup BL 705 wide-mount pickup, $80 plus shipping, 13-inch lead, PayPal preferred.
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Milkman 300 Watts Half and Half Cream colo... Mint condition Milkman half and half 300 Watts 12 in Speaker Loud and sounds great.$1650.00 Shipped and Insured.Lower 48.
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Emmons 1974 GS-10 3 pedals 1 knee 1974 Emmons push pull excellent operation and condition in case. Standard Emmons tining and set up: three pedals and 1 knee lever E to Eb. Original owner. Played a few years and stored in case climate controlled for 40 years. Classic tone. Asking $1000 plus shipping to lower 48. Guitar in Byram NJ.
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80's Sho-bud LDG $2300 I have a nice LDG for sale. It has 4 pedals and 5 knee levers. It has faded a little bit and has a few small dings but it plays and sounds great. The first pedal lowers strings 6 and 10 a whole tone. You can add the right knee left and lower spring 5 a whole to get the Franklin change. It is pret...
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Melobro I need to thin the herd a bit, so the Melobro need to go. Made by Ted Smith. Lots of info about these guitars on Teds Website. It is in great shape, plays welll and comes with a hard steel case. 1,250.00 plus shipping charges.
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1993 Schild U12 7/5 I am selling my Schild U12 built in 1993. This guitar has been maintenance-free for 25 years except for an occasional squeaky pull rod, still works fine and is a delight to play. Stainless steel changer, keyless design, with Franklin pedal in position 0. Telonics 128PW pickup installed, George Ls...
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Nashville 112 custom Nashville 112 custom. Nice amp with wheels $550.00 plus shipping.
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Fulltone Fulldrive 3 overdrive / boost pedal Fulltone Fulldrive 3, overdrive / boost, 3 modes on the OD side, boost and OD can be used separately or together, can do boost into OD or OD into boost. New, briefly used at home but not exactly what I was looking for. $120 shipped within USA , not looking for trades.
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Subject Price Brand Price Found
Eastman CL 40S Classical Nylon String @ LA Guitar Sales $999.00 - 1 hour ago
**NEW** Crate Power BLock $125.00 Martin 6 days ago
1950's Fender Deluxe 8 $700.00 Fender 6 days ago
Thomas D-10 8p/4kl 2250.00 OBO $2,250.00 Other 6 days ago
EVANS speaker $150.00 Fender 6 days ago
GK MB200 - Great Condition $240.00 Other 6 days ago
Strings $25.00 Fender 6 days ago
Vhs Instruction Tapes $50.00 Other 6 days ago
Various Items For Sale $55.00 Fender 6 days ago
Emmons Bolt on Push/Pull $150.00 Emmons 6 days ago
Lesson 3 released-Speed Pockets-E9th speed picking - Other 6 days ago
Ernie Ball Volume Pedal, Jacks on Right Side, Tuner Out $70.00 Other 6 days ago
Fender '65 Twin Reverb Reissue Tube Combo Amp $500 $500.00 Fender 6 days ago
-----> Hawaiian tabs for E9th <----- - Other 6 days ago
Fessenden D10 8 & 5 Excellent condition $2,850.00 Emmons 6 days ago
Lexicon, revelations, Stewart world, furman $50.00 Other 6 days ago
BL 705 Pickup $80.00 Other 6 days ago
Milkman 300 Watts Half and Half Cream color 12 in Spkr.26 lb $1,650.00 Other 7 days ago
Emmons 1974 GS-10 3 pedals 1 knee $1,000.00 Emmons 7 days ago
80's Sho-bud LDG $2300 $2,300.00 Emmons 7 days ago
Melobro $1,250.00 Other 7 days ago
1993 Schild U12 7/5 $20.00 Other 7 days ago
Nashville 112 custom $550.00 Other 7 days ago
Fulltone Fulldrive 3 overdrive / boost pedal $120.00 Other 7 days ago