WTS Aviation, U-Boat, Armor, Soviet Russia, Weapons, War Books - Pic Heavy

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WTS Aviation, U-Boat, Armor, Soviet Russia, Weapons, War Books - Pic Heavy
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12. Essex Class Carriers in action. Excellent fully illustrated large format 52 page SC. $7 shipped
21. Honor the Brave / America's Wars and Warriors. Excellent 224 page HB with good DJ. $9 shipped
23. Ghost Front / The Ardennes Before the Battle of the Bulge / The story of America's worst intelligence blunder of World War II. Excellent 219 page HB with DJ. $9 shipped
27. Attack Helicopters / A History of Rotary-Wing Combat Aircraft. VG 117 page HB with DJ. $9 shipped
28. Black May / The Epic Story of the Allies' Defeat of the German U-Boats in May 1943. Excellent 492 page HB with DJ. $9 shipped
30. The Battle of Britain / The Greatest Air Battle of World War II. VG 413 page illustrated SC. $7 shipped
31. The Royal Oak Disaster. The intriguing, detailed story of U-47 sinking the Royal Oak at Scapa Flow. Excellent 240 page HB with VG DJ. $8 shipped
Osprey Vanguard books. Each 9.5" X 7.5" book is profusely illustrated with photos and artworks. VG 40 page SC with tanned covers. May have minimal highlighting.
33. Polish Armour 1939-45. $8 shipped
35. The Lee/Grant Tanks in British Service. $8 shipped
37. US Light Tanks 1944-84. $8 shipped
38. The M113 Series. $8 shipped
39. Armour of the Middle East Wars 1948-78. $8 shipped
40. US 1st Infantry Division 1939-45. $8 shipped
42. Montgomery's Desert Army. $8 shipped
43. Terror at Beslan / A Russian Tragedy with Lessons for America's School. Excellent 430 page SC. $8 shipped
44. The Nazis / A Warning from History. Packed with great color and B&W photos. Excellent 256 page SC. $9 shipped
55. Technology and the Air Force / A Retrospective Assessment. A lot of interesting chapters, including: The Air Force and the Supersonic Breakthrough, The Origins of Air Refueling in the United States Air Force, Ace in the Hole: The Air Force Ballistic Missiles Program, Stretching the Rubber Band: Smart Weapons for Air-to-Ground Attack, and many more. Excellent 33 page SC. $8 shipped
59. Space Shuttle / The History of the National Space Transportation System / The First 100 Missions. Incredible detail and hundreds of photos and drawings in this excellent large format 514 page HB. $14 shipped
61. Swastika at War. Over 140 color photos from Signal, Hitler's Wartime magazine in this good DJ. $8 shipped
63. Twentieth Century Russia. VG 555 page SC. $7 shipped
64. The Russian Revolution / The Overthrow of Tzarism and the Triumph of the Soviets. VG 524 page SC. $7 shipped
66. War in the Gulf / From the Invasion of Kuwait To the Day of Victory and Beyond. Excellent fully illustrated large format 240 page SC. $8 shipped
68. 10th Mountain Division. Details the 10th's history, missions, personnel, and equipment. VG fully illustrated large format 127 page SC. $8 shipped
69. The Battle of Plassey. The story of British victory over Nawab of Bengal and the French in 1757. VG 167 page HB with DJ. $6 shipped
72. Hornet / The Inside Story of the F/A-18. Excellent 231 page HB with DJ. $9 shipped
73. Desert Warfare / From its Roman Origins to the Gulf Conflict. VG illustrated 223 page HB with DJ. $8 shipped
74. Patton’s Ghost Corps / Cracking the Siegfried Line. VG 243 page SC. $8 shipped
75. The Marine Book / A Portrait of America’s Military Elite. Chapters include: Proud to Claim the Title, The Old Corps, Their Finest Hour, The Rules Change, A Few Good Men, The Making of a Marine, The Skills of a Warrior, The Officers Corps, Support from the Air, The Cutting Edge, The Mirror of a Society, Ruffles Flourishes and the Commandant, New Challenges, and Semper Fidelis. Good fully illustrated large format 205 page SC with creased rear cover. $8 shipped
Take $2 off each additional book.
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