Lots of C&R shotguns, rifles & BP pistol semi and double barrel shotguns

over 5 years ago
Lots of C&R shotguns, rifles & BP pistol semi and double barrel shotguns
American Arms
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Up for sale are several C&R items. As you know the time frame for exchanging c&r firearms is coming to an end in California, unless you use a licensed dealer for a transfer and pay the fees associated for the transfer. At this time I will need only a statement that you are allowed to legally own firearms and a copy of your driver’s license. Will not ship, but willing to try and meet up in most of Southern California especially LA, Orange and Inland Empire. Open to C&R trades, military rifles (sorry no Mosin/Nagants unless a sniper), really looking for K98's (can be captured), Remington model 11 12ga, Ithaca 37 or old Winchester pump 12ga, or lever actions. Please respond through PM's only. Please don't waste either of our time if your gonna try and low ball.
Springfield 5100 Double barrel shotgun 12 gauge – predecessor to the Savage 311. $500 Great shape, excellent bluing.
Remington 11-48 12 gauge semi automatic shotgun with additional barrel – was going to make this my hunting home defense combo. $500 Works great, recoil operated shotgun, remember this is for the shotgun and an extra barrel, barrels are modified and full. Will not split up package at this time.
Iver Johnson 12ga Champion "Side Snap" side lever 1800’s single shot shotgun - works, all parts there and in good working cond, action little loose, small shim will fix. Piece of hx that saw action in the old west plains. Rare shotgun as this is the first model shotgun to have the hammer placed in the center of the action placing the firing pin directly behind the primer and shell. Rusted w/ pitting, patina unique / rare side break action lever - complete real cowboy gun made from the 1880 to 1899 $150. Ser # 32XXX.
Carcano Italian Model 38 cal 7.35 bolt action $150 - this is not the typical $100-$150 6.5 cal carcano's - this is the more desirable rare 7.35 caliber that was only made for a few years. Most of these were converted to the 6.5 caliber Carcano.
Pinfire double barrel 16 gauge in great shape, French, ornate engraving, opens by moving lever/forearm to right, exposed hammers. trigger spring very strong, you can get modern pinfire shotshells that you can reload w/ simple tools $400. http://hlebooks.com/pinfire/cal16-01.htm runs about $38 for a reusable/re loadable 16 ga all brass pinfire shotshell. Another option http://www.henrykrank.com/index.php?...oducts_id=1180
Parts kits buildable projects.
- Stevens visible loader 22lr rifle parts project, Slide action tube feed 22lr rifle. includes barrel, tube, receiver, slide, butt stock and various internal parts $150
- Hopkins Allen 12 gauge double barrel shotgun frame and barrel. Various parts are included, but not sure what is there, can see the triggers, firing pins, and other various internals. $175
- Marlin 1897 lever action 22lr rifle – action, barrel, lever, trigger, bolt, and lots of other parts $300.00. One tang was rewelded.
North American Arms 22 cal black powder pistol, same as the pocket NAA 22lr, but in black powder. This was taken apart and needs to be sent back to t he factory for assembly. These little pistols are notorious for being finicky and requiring factory reassembly for any work done. The original owner had taken the pistol apart and had trouble reassembling. NAA will do this for a $40 fee. You can give it a try or send it back. Price is adjusted to allow for you sending it back to the factory. I’m asking $175 with all items listed – extra nipples, bullets, loading device, holster original box etc.
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