WTT M1 Garand **add updated***

over 4 years ago
 WTT M1 Garand **add updated***
American Arms
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Up for grabs is my "made in America" M1 Garand!
My serial number was produced in April 1939. Overwhelming odds are that this rifle saw active duty in WWII due to the high demand in those early years. Think about it... my serial number is 10040 and troops were not fully issued until serial number 400,000+
Here is the reason it is stamped CAI:
1. America left a lot of firearms in foreign countries after WWII.
2. The gun control act of 1968 gave the ATF power to regulate imports.
3. ATF then started requiring all firearms entering America to be stamped by the importer. This included American arms "returning' to our country.
4. So your serial number and "CAI" stamp simply means that the rifle left the country prior to 1968 and returned after that. A virtual guarantee that it saw active duty in at least one and possibly several wars.
I want to trade my M1 Garand for 2 mid-line hand guns(Glock, Beretta 92, judge... etc) Or 1 high end quality handgun and cash on your end if its worth less than the garand (Sig, H&K, CZ, True Hi-Power 9mm, etc) It is a .30-06 not a .308.
I have 5 upper end contractor clips, and 5 mil spec 8rnd clips. I have recently added a Korean War Issue GI web sling to it as well.
and 80 or so .30-06 rounds from various manufacturers. I also have 60-80 empty re-loadable brass cases.
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