LRB M14SA Medium Match, Bay Area, Will Ship

about 1 year ago
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One of the best M14s you can get. This gun was specced as an accurized battle rifle. Had to wait 3 months for LRB to build. Gun is lubricated with Smith Enterprise grease in the right areas and cycles buttery smooth with the forged receiver and upgraded internals.
Only 381 rounds through the gun, all Prvi Partizan 146 grain copper jacketed rounds. All shot perfectly.
LRB M14SA Medium Match (delivered January 2017)
USGI Sling
3x 10-round magazines.
22" Medium-Weight Chrome-lined barrel
LRB Muzzle Brake
Sadlak Extended Magazine Catch
Unitized Gas Cylinder
Black Nitride Gas Piston
LRB National Match Spring Guide
National Match Front Sight
Standard Rear Sight
USGI Fiberglass Stock
National Match Trigger Job
Original total price: $3308 ($2959 + $349 in shipping, taxes DROS).
Location (city or county):
Fremont CA
$3000 (save $308 off new price).
Will ship (Y/N):
Yes, buyer covers cost.
Other info:
Only selling cuz I'm more interested in 1911s now, looking at Wilsons. Don't get to shoot 308 as much as I thought.