Naval Company CG85 Bridger Line Throwing Gun

about 1 year ago
Naval Company CG85 Bridger Line Throwing Gun
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"You can't get there from here" Fortuna

Naval Co.
CG-85 Bridger
Fortuna, Humboldt
Will ship to FFL
Here is a barely used line throwing gun. Made by the Naval Company, it fires 45-70 blanks. Bridger CG85 Shoulder Line Gun Kit U.S. Coast Guard approval #160.031/6/3 Dimensions: 34 L X 12 W X 8 H The Bridger Shoulder Line Gun is a custom made line launcher 45/70 caliber gun capable of throwing a line from 300 to 750 or more, subject to line weight, projectile used, cartridge load, and wind conditions. The standard Model #CG85 Kit comes with lines and projectiles for distances up to 550, subject to wind conditions. The entire CG85 kit, easily carried, is sold in a sturdy red wooden box with solid brass hardware and weighs 36 lbs. without packing. (16.3 Kg). Can be used for maritime applications, placing zip lines in the forest, or across canyons. The kit is used but complete with everything you see in the pictures. There are 36 heavy loads included. Box has the name of the vessel it came from stenciled on the outside.
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