AMT .380 back-up ($275) & Smith 66-6 F-Comp ($925) Lower Prices!

over 5 years ago
 AMT .380 back-up ($275) & Smith 66-6 F-Comp ($925) Lower Prices!
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As a courtesy to my fellow NWFA members (Thank you, NWFA!), I will post these for-sale items in one ad.
AMT Back-up, .380 ACP, $275.00
Okay, I think this is where the concept of throwing your weapon at the assailant once you run out of bullets originated! This is a hefty piece of stainless steel that you will always know in which pants pocket it is located. It is a dandy and comes with the original box, one magazine, two holsters, and a full box of self-defense ammo.
Oregon FTF cash sale with ID and bill of sale, please.
Smith 66-6, .357 Magnum, 3" Performance Center, F-Comp / Carry, $925.00
One of 600 specially and beautifully-made 3" round-butt, frickin' .357 revolvers, i.e, kick-butt! Very nice & easy, smooth trigger, ported barrel, target sights, beautiful walnut grip, very low round count, and comes complete with everything from the factory (fired round, extra Hogue grip, paperwork, keys for ILM (sorry!) and child-proof lock (although it comes in a Performance Center locking case!). This barrel length and round butt .357 is considered by many to the best configuration for a concealed piece, and the performance Center custom work just makes it even better! I hate selling it, but "these are stupid times and they call for stupid measures!" (Tell me from where that quote originates and win a cookie!)
Oregon FTF cash sale with ID and bill of sale, please.
Thanks for looking and, Have A Nice Day!