Argentine FAL / Coonan Reciever (PRICE DROP!!!)

almost 4 years ago
Argentine FAL / Coonan Reciever (PRICE DROP!!!)
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New Hope, PA,

Hey Gents,
I just got this put together and have decided I really don't need two FAL's.... It is a Sarco Argentine kit, on a Coonan Receiver, professionally headspaced with the correct locking shoulder installed. This is a very nice FAL.... Not a worn out rifle, broken down and reassembled on a substandard upper, usually, by the drunken monkeys!
As I understand the history of these rifles, (Internet so take with a grain of salt.),
they were manufactured in Argentina for export, but for one reason or another, were not approved to leave the country. Eventually they were disassembled, the Uppers were destroyed, and
the kits were shipped out in "as new" condition.... Unlike the kits outta African and South America. The Coonan Reciever is specifically made for this kit. Lower, Bolt, and Carrier have matching numbers.
I have exactly 40 flawless rounds of commercial ammo down the pipe. I am not going to sell this cheap, and am not interested in trades at this time.
will include sling, (2) 20 Rnd. Mags, and a brand new DSA scope mount. If you have ever wanted a nice
FAL.... This is the one to have!
PRICE $1250...... PRICE DROP..... Now $1200
F.T.F. Transfer with a PA D.L. And a C.C.W...... I will ship to your FFL on your Dime. This Rifle is listed on other sights.... First solid "I'll take it" is the buyer.