Argentine Mauser Model 1891 sporterized NWI

over 3 years ago

					Argentine Mauser Model 1891 sporterized NWI
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Argentine Mauser Model 1891 Loewe Berlin. 7.65mm argentine. Crest is scrubbed. Bolt, stock, barrel and mag have matching serial numbers. Rifling is crisp and clean. Stock and barrel have been shortened. Barrel measures 24" and gun overall length is 42". Bolt has been turned down for a scope mount clearance. It is a well balanced and quick handling rifle. Great truck rifle. Stock is in great shape and sanded and formed to fit the shorten barrel length.
Included is 83 rounds of ammo. Ammo includes 6 Norma RN SP, 35 FN78 FMJ, 9 Norma semi jacketed SP, the rest are SP loaded in 19 different brass cases, some of the stamps include DM42, TW53, CN40, WCC53, Den 42 and a bunch of others. Everything for the low price of $200. That is what I have in the rifle and ammo as I traded with another member. Trade interests 357, 44 revolvers and a cheap used beat up AR15.