M90 Argentine HI Power

almost 2 years ago
Available on
Northwest Firearms

A little info on these guns. The earlier versions of these were made under contract from FN and supervised by FN in Argentina after the contract expired the Argentine government continued to make a commercial model but skipped the extra machine work on the slide, giving it a more 1911 profile. Parts are 100% interchangeable. They also have a nicer 3 dot set of sights compared to surplus models.
This gun has had an ambi safety added but is otherwise stock. Shoots great, the trigger pull isn't amazing but it still has the magazine safety installed, removing it should improve the pull quite a bit. Comes with 4 new mecgar 15 round magazines, 1 new 13 round, one unmarked 13 round that functions perfectly and 2 off brand 13 round mags that don't work 100%. Also included is a new Tagua belt slide type holster.
Really prefer to trade for a Glock 17 or maybe 34 or a Beretta 92. Only other trade would be a. 357mag lever action rifle with a 20in. or longer barrel. Cash price/trade value is $500.
Can meet those down south half way, prefer Sound Loan in Everett.