/OR Stainless Ruger Bisley 45LC Cylinder

over 3 years ago
 /OR Stainless Ruger Bisley 45LC Cylinder
Available on
Northwest Firearms
Longview, WA

I'm looking to sell this cylinder.
I bought it from Hamilton Bowen, and it looks new, not even a drag-line.
The length mics in at 1.978"
I never got around to that project, so its going in the spring cleaning.
I can meet in Longview, or along Hwy. 30, NW Portland, and occasionally off 205.
I can do $80 shipped.
Or can add cash, or ammo for guns
WATT for-
AR Lower Parts Kits
Rockchucker II
A cheap/project bolt action (like a Lee Enfield,
Arisaka, M44 / 38, or...?)
Bolt action 12 or 20ga
Mosin Nagant Revolver
Left Hand AR Bolt
6.5 Grendel / 264 LBC / 7.62x39 AR Bolt
Midwest Industries Gen 2 Drop-In Rail
* Die sets in-
- 5.7x28mm - 223/556 - 300 BLK -6.8 SPC, 7.62x39, 9mm Makarov, 9mm carbide/9x23
- 44-40 - 44 Mag - 45 LC/454 - 41 Mag - 444 Marlin, 30-30, 32 H&R/327, 300 WSM