sporterized Japanese Arisaka Rifle,

almost 2 years ago
sporterized Japanese Arisaka Rifle,
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Long Range Hunting

I have a old sporterized Japanese Arisaka Rifle, it was built in the late 50's to early 50's
I am told, I got the gun off a family member who passed away, SO the info I got is from his wife(87 yrs old)
ITS been re chambered into 30/06, and has a carbine length (18 inch) barrel, with nice sights on it, it has a custom made stock, with nice checkering, and a nice fore end tip , and decent blueing, stock is fitted very well, and has a added on drop down floor plate(like a rem 700 bdl type)
I have never shot the gun, so cannot tell you how accurate it is or not BUT the bore looks like brand new, so I gather it can be a decent shooting rifle with a load its happy with!
I am asking $300.00 OBO, and will consider any possible trades of either full value or partial
never know until I hear what they are??
I am located in NE PA near Mcadoo Pa, 18237
prefer in person sales, cash payments