RIA Tac Compact (Officers Size) 1911 "as new" $500

over 3 years ago
RIA Tac Compact (Officers Size) 1911 "as new"  $500
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Northwest Firearms
Hillsboro OR

We all know that you should 'buy the gun, not the story,' but here is the story about why you should buy this gun . . .
A couple months ago I traded my S&W 439 for a Citadel Compact 45.
Near as I could tell, I was the 3rd owner, and the gun didn't look like it had been shot very much at all.
Once I got home and took a closer look at it I figured out why.
The bottom rear of the frame had missed getting beveled at the factory and it was sharp!
Holding it tightly was uncomfortable, I would think shooting it might come close to actually hurting.
Here is the new one.
I know it doesn't look like much, but that tiny bevel makes a world of difference.
So I emailed Armscor, and they agreed to take a look at it, sent a call tag, and off it went.
And then it came back the same as it went.
I had seen a thread on 1911 Forums that they were switching gunsmiths, so another email got me another call tag.
Turns out they could bevel the frame, but they had no way to refinish it.
But, they would refund me or replace it with a new RIA Tactical model!
Remember, I am the 3rd owner of this gun.
Just picked it up today and the invoice shows it received a complete reliability tune up and was test fired, cleaned and lubed.
They sent me a new gun.
They swapped the RIA grips for the ones I sent in with the Citadel and it has the one mag with bumper (It has a Wilson Shooting Star follower, but I don't know for sure who's mag it is).
It has the newer small RIA
logo and is feels much smother than the one I sent in.
But between sending it in and getting it back we bought a house, and I need to get some emergency cash together just in case we need it for new floors, appliances, whatever.
Looking for cash on this one, but we all know what a dork I can be for the right trade
Only part trades I can think of that I'm looking for is a pinned 14.5" 300 blk bbl, some of these sights http://www.robertrtg.com/store/pc/416-417-SIGHT-SET-HK-PICATINNY-12p87.htm
But who knows what kind of odd stuff you might have
Anything that looks like a scratch is really a cat hair . . .