FTF: $400 - 12 Ga. Semi-Auto, Unfired Hatson Escort - LA County

almost 4 years ago
FTF: $400 - 12 Ga. Semi-Auto, Unfired Hatson Escort - LA County
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Cal Guns
North Orange County

Make: Hatson Escort Arms
Model:Escort Magnum MPA
Caliber: 12Ga
Location (city or county):LA County
Price: $400[
Will ship (Y/N): N
Other info: Unfired, everything new from box but without the original box.
I have here a Turkish made 12 Ga model Military/Police semi-automatic shotgun. It has everything from the box you can see in one of the pics. All yours except rounds in stock
1) Stock shims
2) Original Threaded cap and/or muzzle brake
3) Spare O ring
4) Magazine Plug/Limiter, makes the gun 2+1 instead of 5+1 (hunting).
This shotgun has a nice versatile build right out the box that I like;
1) 2 shot shell holder in stock
2) Hi Viz Ghost ring sights
3) Picatinny rail for optics
4) Extra Large bolt, easy to grip
5) Magazine stop; with shells in the mag can turn your gun into a single loader to switch a different shot than in the mag.
6) Chrome Lined cylinder bore barrel.
7) Sling attachments on bottom of stock and mag cap.
I'm on border of LA County and North Orange County, we can meet in the area or possibly half way if you're a little farther out. Don't want to ship...
I also have a brand new complete ARMSCOR CITADEL UNFIRED for $500.