WTS: Armscore Rear lugged and bedded M21 (M1a) 2900$

over 2 years ago
WTS: Armscore Rear lugged and bedded M21 (M1a) 2900$
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Up is my custom Built M21, Its an arms core rear lugged receiver bedded into a custom moddified USGI waluut stock cut to mimic an M21 using Mcmillan hardware. when closed the seam almost vanishes. This Receiver was assembled with National match Springfield parts , barrel is marked NM308. gas system has been "Unitized" , trigger is NM but is cleaned up a bit. it is an fantastic shooting rifle, i just seem to gravitate towards my 300wm or psg1 rather then this.
the Stock has a few handling marks in it from banging into a 416 forearm in the safe but nothing more then a few nicks.
Rifle comes as pictured with 2 USGI 20 mags (sorry all i was smart enough to buy before they were made illegal in my state)
Springfield Armory Gen 4 scope mount,
USGI reamed Flash hider Custom Muzzle Brake ( currently whats on the rifle )
Price is 2900$ shipped to your dealer (MUST BE OK WITH REC. FROM NON FFL)
Will do FTF sale at your FFL in CA and ill even travel to you for anything south of Fresno down as far as sandiego (my work takes me all over Daily so its easy for me to be available during the week.) However Mags and Flashider will not be sold to CA resident.
Fine print
FIRST ILL TAKE IT GETS IT and I mean that so dont say it if you cant follow through!! I hold myself to a certain standard when I purchase things like this, If I tell you Ill take it you will get your payment from me, even if my lawyer has bring it to you cause Im dead . so Ask your wife first, pull the money out of savings, pay your mortgage, send your great aunt whilma the money you owe or what ever excuse there is that get strung along with has been done and tried on me before and I wont bother with it. (No OBO. edited by moderator.) I apologize for the Direct and bitter tone , but i have had my time wasted way too many times and its more important to me then money so please use it respectfully