New in Box: STG-44

over 4 years ago
New in Box: STG-44
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Cal Guns
Santa Clara

Selling a brand new ATI STG-44 .22LR Rifle. This is a quality solid metal and wood semi-auto rifle that feels like a much more expensive center fire weapon. Note that no bullet button is required as this is a rimfire.
Heres what ATI says about it:
The STG-44 (Sturmgewehr 44) was developed in Nazi Germany during WWII and was the first ?Storm? (or assault) rifle to see major deployment.
Retaining as many of the original specs as possible, the GSG 22.LR version of this piece of history flawlessly sends rounds accurately and quickly downrange, and is perfect for casual plinking, target shooting, and hunting. Stunning wood finishing, easy-to-adjust iron sights, and simple safety features add to the STG-44?s superb level of quality. Packed in an old-world style pine crate made by Amish craftsman, the STG-44 offers everything to make any shooting experience a memorable one.
Caliber/Gauge: 22LR
Color/Finish: Blued
Barrel length: 16.5
A magazine is not included as the seller took out the standard 25 rounder before shipping to CA. 10 rounders are in stock and available from just about every major retailer though so buying them is not an issue. Everything that came with the rifle, such as the special pine shipping crate, is included. $340 in San Jose with transfer at Reeds in Santa Clara.