WTS APA w/mcmillan baker special 308

over 6 years ago
WTS APA w/mcmillan baker special 308
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Been out of town for abit, decided to bring this back up from the dead.-APA Genesis action-Broughten 5.8 contour 1-10, 20 in to the compensator, set up for the AAC SCAR H SD (will replace AAC 3 prong with surefire brake 762SSAL/RE)-Surgeon tactical bolt knob, - Set trigger a 2.5#- 30 MOA base-APA RTG bottom metal with 1 10 rnd mag, accepts AW, AI style mags-Mcmillan Bakers special stock, 4 way adjustable-Fluted, extractor milled boltScope Specs-S&B PMII LP 3-12x50 with Gen 2 MilDot CW Double turn with pop up windows.25 MOA clicksIlluminated ret This rifle is a shooter with my first 5 rnd group measuring well under .25 MOA, maintains far below MOA out to 1000 yrds with FGMM 175's and 168"s The bipod and suppressor are not included, I value the rifle at $4,000 OBO,
or the rifle plus scope at$6,000 add them up individually and thats alot of savings.....however I understand thats alot, so to soften the blow I am looking for trades plus cash, I would prefer a 9mm 1911, preferably a 4 or 4.25 barrel length HK USP 9, Heck, I'm always interested in fun stuff so IM away but remember I do need $$
The good stuff: the rifle and a 5 rnd 100 yd groupthanks fellas