Bauer .25ACP Pistol Stainless w/laminated white pearl grips $200 Philly FTF only

about 5 years ago
Bauer .25ACP Pistol Stainless w/laminated white pearl grips $200 Philly FTF only
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Fraser, Michigan

Here is a Bauer .25 Automatic in stainless steel with laminated white pearl grips and one six shot magazine. Included is a leather case that sat for a while and the zipper has issues that some wax may clear up. The pistol has a few pitting marks from previous rust and has been cleaned up and treated with Sentry Solutions Tuf Glide. $200 and a FTF transfer (fee paid for by the buyer) at a respectable FFL dealer, preferably in NE Philly, will get you this neat little pistol.
(from Wikipedia)
The Bauer Automatic is an American-made copy of the Baby Browning. Made of stainless steel, they are chambered in .25 ACP with a six-round magazine capacity. The Bauer was manufactured in Fraser, Michigan from 1972?1984. The Bauer production facility burnt to the ground in 1986 after production was discontinued.
The Bauer .25 Automatic was made of precision machined 416 stainless steel investment castings and fitted by hand. The pistol features a two-position thumb safety. One position locks the slide while the other position locks the slide in the disassembly position, allowing the user to rotate the barrel clock-wise 45 degrees and remove the entire slide (rather than counterclockwise-as is the case with the FN Baby Browning pistol, to avoid copyright infringement claims from FN).
Many parts interchange with the FN Baby Browning, including grips, magazines, and various internal parts.