Various Lee reloading items

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					Various Lee reloading items
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I did a small amount of reloading with Lee Loader kits.
These are pretty cool.
The Lee Loader kit has everything you need to reload a particular caliber by hand.
This isn't as fast as using a more complicated press setup, but it's less expensive and works pretty well.
I no longer have any .357 or .44 firearms, so the following items are for sale:Lee Loader, .357 Magnum, $35Lee Loader, .44 Special (hard-to-find kit), $40Lee case trimmer with cutter and lock stud, $5Lee case length gauge and holder for use with trimmer, .357, $5Lee case length gauge and holder for use with trimmer, .44 Special, $5Lee primer pocket cleaner, $4Lee chamfer and deburring tool, $4 RCBS Case Lube-2, 2-oz bottle, essentially full, $4Lee Safety Powder Scale, used once, $25Lee Powder Measure Kit, $12
That's $139 total asking price for everything, but I may be willing to give you a good deal if you want all of these items together and if I don't have to travel too far.
I might be willing to trade for an inexpensive handgun, e.g., Phoenix Arms, Bauer, etc., although I'm most interested in a cash sale.
Please note that the primers and bullets seen below have already been sold.
All items are in excellent condition--I only used the Lee Loaders about 20 rounds each, and only used the scale once.
I'm located in Pendleton.