WTS-BOOKS-Firearms, West

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WTS-BOOKS-Firearms, West
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Books are in good to excellent condition. Some have previous owners ID stamped or written inside.
All prices are shipped to the 48 states only. For multiple purchases subtract $2 for each additional book.
Payment by money order or paypal.
SOLD wolfy 1- Complete Illustrated Encyclopedia of the World's Firearms [Hardcover]
Ian V Hogg. Must have been in a humid area. Some pages and dust cover are ?wavey? but no staining. Small tear on back of dust jacket. 320 pgs. $8.
SOLD LOCALLY--2- Reader's Digest Story of The Great American West [Hardcover].
Edward S. (Editor) Barnard. Faded dust jacket. 384 pages. $8.
SOLD LOCALLY 3-THE GREAT GUNS. by Harold L. Peterson & Robert Elman. [Hardcover]. 250 pgs. $6
SOLD LOCALLY 4- Treasury of Big Game Animals [Hardcover].
Erwin A Bauer. Worn cover. No dust jacket. 398 pgs. $6
5- American Handguns and Their Makers [Paperback].
National Rifle Association. [Paper back] Worn Cover. 248 pgs. $10
6- BBguns. Paperback. Basically a partial reprint and update of Dunathans book. $10
SOLD LOCALLY 7- LAROUSSE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF ANIMAL LIFE. [Hardcover] 1967. Worn and torn dust jacket. 640 pgs. $6
8- Brassey's Infantry Weapons of the World [Paperback] 1950-1975
J.I.H. Owen. Water stains on edge of pages. 323 pgs. $7
9- American Frontier: Pioneers, Settlers, and Cowboys 1800-1899 [Hardcover]
William C Davis. 256 pgs. $10
SOLD wolfy 10- The U-boats (Hardcover)
by Douglas Botting. 176 pgs. $5
SOLD LOCALLY 11- The Air Fighters. [Hardcover] (catalogue cover)No dust jacket. 124 pgs. $6
SOLD LOCALLY 12- The Treasury of the Gun-Peterson. [Hardback] 246 pgs. $6
SOLD LOCALLY 13- Land Warfare-Cromwell. (gold cover) No dust jacket. 248 pgs. $7
14- The Luftwaffe-Life. 174 pgs. $5