Benjamin Marauder (.177) and Extras

almost 4 years ago
 Benjamin Marauder (.177) and Extras
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Northwest Firearms
Ridgefield, WA

Moving on....time to say goodbye to my Benjamin Marauder in .177 cal. This is very very quiet air rifle that is extremely accurate.
Tons of video's online that can show you all the capabilities of these high quality air rifles.
Has a Center Point Scope (4-16x40) attached that is dialed in to drill tacks.
The scope can change from red/green reticle or standard with a turn of the knob.
No issues getting a perfect shot on the critter of your choosing at distance (or with paper targets).
Gun functions perfectly, but does have some cosmetic marks.
This is a quality package with everything to get your shooting right away and stay shooting.
Comes with 80cu ft scuba tank that has a few years certification left before it needs to be re-hydro tested. In combination with the adapter you can fill the rifle tank in seconds and do so for hundreds and hundreds of shots.
Scuba tank can be re-filled at any scuba shop for a few dollars.
I also have 2.5 cans of .177 pellets to go with the package.
Check out the new cost of all these items and you will see this package at $640 is a great deal.
My only trade interests is a Ruger Redhawk (the limited run Blued models only) in 44mag , high quality body armor plates & carrier......also a night vision monocular.
I can do cash +/- with any trade to make it work.
I get around a bit with my job so if you are in Northern Oregon or South of Tacoma I can possibly get to your area in time.