Chinese SKS & hardware, Bay Area

over 1 year ago
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Cal Guns

Here we have an SKS marked "SKS, Made in China".
It comes in a Choate Dragunov-style stock, and has Tech Sights TS200 adjustable sights mounted.
The original blonde stock & sight hardware are included, as is the cheek riser for the Choate stock should you wish to mount an optic instead.
The bayonet has been removed but the lug remains.
Light rust on some exterior surfaces (mostly around the bayonet lug); has been detail stripped of cosmoline and shoots great; about the longest iron sight radius you can get anywhere makes this a poor man's DMR.
The fixed magazine means you can mount any sort of modern stock you'd like to it, or even a fancy bullpup kit.
Magazine readily feeds from stripper clips.
Price is $500; would also trade for a Beretta Bobcat, or possibly any interesting pistol.
Transfer only at Bay Area Gun Vault.
Ample ammunition available as well, message for details.