Spaghetti Garand in 308, OC, shipping = may be

about 1 year ago
Available on
Cal Guns
(city or county): OC

[b]Make: Terni Rearasenal Garands
[b]Model: M1
[b]Caliber: 308
[b]Location (city or county): OC
[b]Price: $1,665.00 for one of the two, OBO (Read thethread below for why a Garand should be in one's arsenal)
[b]Will ship (Y/N): amay be on Buyer's dime but preferred to F2F for inspection
[b]Other info: Selling one of two tipo 2 Garands in 308.
These are rearsenaled in Italy and rechamberered with brand new SIAU 308 barrels.
The Stock is about 1/2" shorter than the USGI Garand.
Most parts are SA the hammer is BM or Beretta.
The older SN has an older machined trigger and the new SN has a stamped metal trigger but it has a nice stock.
These don't come around often so here is your chance.
Buyer gets to pick, i keep the remaining one.
Comes with 5 clips.
PPT around OC, Ammo Bros Cerritos or Santa Anna, Riflegear, Turners Chino Hills.
Thanks, PM with questions.