Trade? My Beretta 21A Bobcat for your revolver?

almost 2 years ago
that guy
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Northwest Firearms

Ive got this fun little 21A but I really have my sights set on a revolver for general purpose use. Looking for a straight-up trade. No cash added. Interested in 22/38/357 calibers. No budget brands (Heritage, Charter Arms, Rock Island, etc.). Single or Double Action.
The Bobcat is a great plinker or BUG. Its in great shape. Semi-auto design with tip-up barrel. Feeds most ammo Ive tried but likes the hotter stuff.
Includes the genuine Beretta wood grips as well as the factory plastic ones, as well as one Beretta magazine and one ProMags magazine. They hold seven rounds, plus one in the tip-up barrel. Also includes a small plastic case.
I take it out and shoot it every once in a while, but figured I would see if anyone was interested. Send me a private message with any questions. I'm located in Portland.