Antique 91/30, Beretta 38a parts, Arisaka bolts

over 2 years ago
Antique 91/30, Beretta 38a parts, Arisaka bolts
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North Dakota

Firstly, my apologies for seperately posting each item. I cannot figure out how to post pics without them being jumbled up with the text. Please post an "Ill take it" rather than PMs other than for questions. PM for payment details. Thanks.
1)SPF For sale typical SARCO BM59E parts kit. Complete minus receiver and stock ferrule pin. I was about ready to have this built by Shuff's, but was recently laid off and priorities have changed. Included is a second magazine. Both are PB marked. Bore is excellent, stock is likely very nice under the super thick coating of varnish. No FFL required, but not for sale where kits or magazines are not legal. $625 shipped.SPF
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