Glock 22 Gen 2 with ammo

almost 4 years ago
Glock 22 Gen 2 with ammo
Available on
Ford City,

Consolidating calibers so selling off my .40 S&W Glock 22.
Second gen so no finger groves or rail on the dust cover.
There is grip tape on each side, but easily removed.
Equipped with the stock U and dot sights.
Comes with 4 15 round magazines and 113 rounds of SD ammo.
Mix bag worth, I know theres Zmaxx in there because of the green tips and some Winchester but not sure what all is there.
FTF only, sorry not trying to find a place willing to ship for me.
But willing to meet most places within about 2 hours of Ford City PA, so call it Clearfield to the North East, Washington Co to the South, etc.
Also due to my work scedule it may take a bit to meet up, I do 7 day rotations on midnights, so it'd have to be a day off.
In trades can do +/- case depending on trades:
Glocks in 9mm or 45 acp EXCEPT the G36.
Beretta 92 variants
Beretta 9000s 9mm
Beretta NANO
SIG Sauers in 9mm
S&W 3rd gen semi-autos
No Highpoints, but anything else feel free to message, worst I can do is say no.