Military C&Rs, Santa Maria, Will Ship

over 3 years ago
Military C&Rs, Santa Maria, Will Ship
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Santa Maria (sad I know)

Hey folks, just putting up a few C&Rs, two Berthiers, two Enfields and a 1903 Springfield.
I am located in Santa Maria, CA.
Willing to ship on your dime. None of these guns are too long or bulky which is nice.
If you need more pictures, just ask what you would like. PM me for pictures and/or questions.
1. M-M-16 Berthier Carbine, 8x50R Lebel
Putting up a nice example of a Berthier. This one is a Model 1916 (M-M-16) by Constinsouza with a 1918 barrel. It has the 1916 magazine extension, so it can load a 5-round en-bloc clip.
Metal and bore are very good! No pitting anywhere, with some patina on the magazine extentsion. Bore has no pitting with strong grooves with no frosting, and the bolt is still had grease on it when I picked it up.
Wood is good with no cracks and quite a few dings. Does have two factory repairs, which is common on French weapons.
I have shot this one and it shoots great with PPU's 8x50R FMJs. It is Balle N marked for pointed bullets.
Only numbers that match are the barrel and trigger guard. Typical French gun.
Includes one 5-round en-bloc clip and will include ammo with local pick-up.
Price: $350
2. 1948 TC Orman/M16 Etienne Berthier Rifle, 8x50R Lebel SPF
This is a cut down Berthier rifle that was sold by France to Turkey for their Forestry Service.
It is in pretty darn good shape for a Forestry rifle, which is saying something. Just a little bit of rust (pictured) with no pitting. Bore is very good; bright with no pitting and strong grooves. Wood has a little wear with no cracks or repairs. Blue is wearing in some spots, but good overall. Bolt cycles smoothly.
This one is still in the three-round en-bloc clip configuration also known as the "pregnant guppy".
N proofed for modern 8x50R Lebel.
Price: $250 SPF