and now for something different -- Bren Mk I for sale

almost 6 years ago
and now for something different -- Bren Mk I for sale
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Cal Guns

Make: Inglis
Model: Bren Mk I
Caliber: .303
Location (city or county): San Jose
Price: $6500
Will ship (Y/N): N
Other info:
Bah ARs and AKs are just run of the mill now. When you show up at the range with one who is going to take a second look? If you want to get noticed, you'll go to the range with this! What is it? It's a Bren gun! The Bren saw service from the 1930s well until 1991, probably the longest serving light machine gun. There is not mistaking it's unique shape and top feed magazine.
This one was built up on a Mark I receiver and is historically correct with the early cone barrel and tripod. I also added the "off hand" grip to complete the look. The Mark I's are much more desirable because of the early features like the knob distance adjustment.
It's in a CA legal semi-auto configuration. The magazine is interally blocked to 10 rounds and requires a tool to release.
I've only shot this a few times but every time it has drawn a crowd at the range with fellow shooters asking to try it or taking pics with their cell phone. If you want something different, this is it!
The gun itself comes complete with a wooden storage crate. as such it is much too heavy to ship. It is considered a modern gun (because of the semi-auto modification) and would require a FFL transfer and 10 day wait.
Your chance to own something that is both historically significant and unique. Yes, the price is high but where else are you going to find a CA legal Bren gun? I kind of don't want to sell it!
on to the eye candy!
As you can see this one is in great shape. Thanks for looking!