Lion Crest BRNO, Steyr 1912-61 in .308 NATO & Gun Room Junk

over 4 years ago
Lion Crest BRNO, Steyr 1912-61 in .308 NATO & Gun Room Junk
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Butler, Pennsylvania (Butler County)

***If you would like more pictures/details about anything specific please just ask.
A. Rampant Lion Crest Brno VZ-24: All numbers match (including the stock) except bolt. Bolt is still E marked and period correct. Bore is good, very good lands, decent shine, some darkness in the grooves in some small areas. Missing front band retaining spring. $350 shipped.
B. Steyr 1912-61 Chilean: Very good bore in .308 NATO, stock still has some decent stampings left. Receiver is in very good condition in the white. All parts match (including stock) except the bolt. Steyr-made correct bolt; bolt matches itself. Bore has been cleaned, but there is still cosmoline on/in stock, crevices, etc. $350 shipped.
****Buy both rifles for $650 shipped.****
C. Gun Room Junk
****Buy it all for $150 shipped****
1. Remington 700 sights - Excellent condition - $20 shipped to your door
2. Millett Medium steel rings for CZ 452 - $30 shipped to your door
3. Yugoslavian Mauser bayonet and sheath - $50 shipped to your door
4. Walnut stock for bolt action rifle (I believe this to be a Savage but I'm uncertain...your call) - inletted but needs sanding and finishing - $40 plus actual shipping to your location
5. Mauser bottom metal trigger guard. Nazi marked - $20 shipped to your door.
6. Primary Arms micro green dot REFLEX sight - Needs a new battery - $40 shipped to your door
7. Redfield base and rings. The base has been modified to be fitted onto a BRNO ZBK-110 . The rings are in good condition however. $15 shipped to your door.
8. 8mm Mauser 8x57 Surplus ammo. 630 rounds of surplus 8mm military ammunition. Comes with wooden crate and spam can opener. 380 rounds are still sealed in the second spam can. Also included is an additional 55 rounds of 1957 Yugo brass cased 8mm. $300 plus shipping.
My trade interests:
I can add cash on my end dependent upon the trade.
First and foremost: Martini Cadet in centerfire. Strongly interested in those already converted into sporters. Very interested in the calibers: 357 mag, 22 hornet, and the various 22 centerfires.
Other interests: JC Higgins Model 50, Husqvarna 98 rifles (to include 1600 series), anything chambered in 9.3x62 9.3x57 Franchi AL 48 lightweight in 20 gauge, other Mauser sporting rifles, light weight single shot rifles, falling block rifles, 22 Hornet rifles German single shot rifles Brno ZBK-110, Puma Rossi 44 magnum lever gun, etc. I will accept a partial trade on a Stevens Savage model 30G favorite in 17HMR.