LH Browning A Bolt 7 Rem. Mag.

almost 2 years ago
LH Browning A Bolt 7 Rem. Mag.
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Long Range Hunting

This is a LEFT HAND A-Bolt stainless Stalker.Thought this was sold locally...but - I have hunted with it for a number of years - and there are small usage marks such as a few minor surface scratches on the stock and such. It has the tunable B.O.S.S. muzzle brake which really helps tighten up groups, and allows you to tune the barrel harmonics for different loads. There are instructions on the Browning website - and cheat sheets which show you what settings for a variety of
It is a clean,well cared for rifle that has only seen approx. 250 rounds down the barrel.
The rifle sold new for $1200 . You can look it up at Gander Mtn website.
And I will include the case which - has custom cut foam rubber that is MUCH better than the junk foam in most cases.It is an FAA compliant case. The special foam and the cutting was almost $100 itself.
The scope on it is an option. I will seperate the 2 if that is what someone wants. But it is great glass for a hunting scope. Bushnell Elite 6500 2.5 to 16 power with the D.O.A. reticle which helps with rangefinding. The scope alone sells for $700 on Amazon