Steyr SBS Pro Hunter 30.06

almost 4 years ago

					Steyr SBS Pro Hunter 30.06
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I have a very nice Steyr SBS Pro Hunter chambered in 30.06, it has a Nikon prostaff 3-7 scope.
It is a light and maneuverable gun. The Steyr SBS action is one of the strongest rifle actions out there
and actually proofed to handle up to 150K PSI so this is as bomb proof as rifle actions can go. It is detachable magazine so its easy to reload or to change load out if the situation demands. The Steyr SBS uses Browning A-Bolt mounts. I love the trigger and the Sub MOA accuracy of this gun but im trying to consolidate calibers and I need the money for another gun build so this one has to go. Im asking $900 obo. FTF in or around Columbia City. You can call or text 260-437-4527 with any questions