WTT - AR for Bolt Action Hunting Rifle

almost 2 years ago
WTT - AR for Bolt Action Hunting Rifle
Bryco Arms
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Cal Guns

I'm "testing the waters" here.
Getting the urge to go deer hunting next year so I'm going to "thin" the herd.
I am looking for a 243 or 7mm-08 Bolt Action Rifle package.
Preferably a Remington 700, Weatherby Vanguard or Browning A Bolt.
Wood and Blued.
Not a fan of composite or stainless for hunting rifles.
90% or better physical condition with a good, bright and crisp rifled bore.
A decent scope would be optimum.
I'm not interested in selling.
Trade Only!
I'll pay my fees, you pay yours!
What I have to offer:
Spikes "Spider" Lower Complete:
PSA Lower Parts Kit
PSA Buffer Tube Kit (Mil-Spec)
Magpul "BAD" Lever
Ambi Safety (I believe this is a BAD ***)
KNS Anti Rotation Pins
Magpul ACS Stock
Magpul MOE grip
Magpul Trigger Guard
Magpul Ambi Sling Mount
2 Magpul Gen 2's with Magblock and epoxy for 10 round max compliance.
16" Carbine Length Upper Complete:
Spikes Nickel Boron BCG
BCM Gunfighter Charging Handle (medium)
Magpul MOE Carbine Handguard
Magpul MOE Rear Sight
Dez Arms Front Site (screw set no pins)
DD Flash Hider (Not YHM in picture)
I completed this one and have not fired it yet.
Been a safe queen with the others.
I will do so before I trade to ensure complete operation.
I may entertain other calibers, but prefer 243 or 7mm-08.
Let me know what you have to offer via PM.